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Weight Gain:  25 lbs

Maternity Clothes: They don’t really fit anymore! I’m definitely carrying way out front and lower this time and many of my shirts aren’t long enough anymore. Or, they start out ok in the morning and by the evening I’m feeling a cool breeze and a half inch of belly is showing. This didn’t happen until the very end with Gia.
Sleep:  Still some lower back and pelvis pain. I just waddle, waddle, waddle.
Gender: Boy!

Feelings/Mood: Still feeling happy & incredibly blessed. I’ve been a little moodier lately, but I think it’s the lack of sleep (see below).
Symptoms/Health:  Overall, very good. Blood pressure is still low, weight gain is normal, and baby boy moves like crazy.  He has finally moved to the head down position and it’s much more comfortable for me.
Still having minor issues with spotting, but I had another ultrasound a few weeks ago and everything looks good. He was about 4.5 lbs at that point.
Sleeping is tough. I can’t get comfortable and I wake up a lot.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Back to wanting salads all.the.time.  But, there’s so little room in my stomach, I really don’t eat a lot at one time. I tend to graze all day though.

What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach, my non-pregnancy clothes, being able to bend over.

Movement: Still feeling tons! Baby boy is active all the time. The movements changed about a month ago and they’re less kicks and jabs and more rolling movements now.  He’s running out of room in there!
Belly: Low and totally out front!

Best Moment this week (pregnancy-related): I made it to 35/35: 35 weeks of pregnancy down & only 35 days to go. In my case it’s actually 28 days to go. I cannot believe he’ll be here in one month!

Nursery is pretty much done (we got a rug & a lamp last week, which were the last 2 things we needed). Pictures coming soon.
What I look forward to: Meeting this little guy. I’m so curious to see what he’ll look like!


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    Still not craving sandwiches? LOL!

    9-25-13 at 1:02 pm
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