5 months: A day of firsts!

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5 months

My handsome little man is 5 months old! We celebrated this milestone with several firsts! He can now roll from his back to his belly, though he doesn’t really like to do it. It takes a lot for him to want roll–there must be a toy or person far away to get him to move that little body. (My kids are kinda lazy. Gia was like this too-she knew how to roll but never really did roll.)

What he wants to do, though, is sit up. He wants it so badly. He tries to pull himself up with every ounce of strength he has. He’s so happy when I prop him up on the couch: he looks around, taking everything in.  Since he was never really been a big fan of swing, I thought it was time to retire it and bring out the exersaucer. He tried it out for the first time yesterday and he loved it. He was in it for about 20 minutes before he started moaning, and that was probably because both Gia and I were in the kitchen and he hates to be alone. (20 minutes doesn’t sound like a lot, but for my littlest, it’s a lifetime. He just wants to be held–by me–all the live long day.) Gia showed him all the toys on it and even showed him how to work them all. It took him all of 3 seconds to bend forward enough to get one of the toys in his mouth.

exer Collage

At Nicholas’s four month well-visit his pediatrician said we could start cereal if Nicholas started taking over 40 oz a day consistently (for more than a week).  He’s been doing that for quite some time. So, at 4.5 months we tried cereal and it all came back out. I waited a week and tried again with the same result.  Yesterday was the third time and it was much better! I mixed some applesauce in with whole grain brown rice cereal to give him something that tasted a little bit different.

There were lots of silly faces and some actual swallowing going on. I gave him about 2 tablespoons and I’d say he swallowed half that amount. Not bad for his first real try! He then proceeded to take the longest nap of his life, which was heavenly for me and Gia.

APPLES1 Collage

We tried again this morning and he did great. Today we stuck with just cereal and he was making actual chewing motions and the vast majority of it went down. I think he’s on his way to eating solids!

There are only 2 pictures from our 5-month photo shoot his time because Nicholas was not in the mood. I sat him down and got 2 pictures before he spit up. Luckily it all went on the sticker. I cleaned him up and set him back in the picture spot…and he grabbed the sticker off his shirt and started to eat it. I took that as a sign that we were done. At least I got one.

Other notable things from this month:

  • Still not sleeping great.We put him down drowsy but awake and it’s helping but he’s still up 5 or 6 times a night.
  • Jon and Gia both had a touch of a cold and then I got it, full blown. Nicholas was the last one to get it. Between the post nasal drip that makes him spit up like it’s his job and his new tooth, sleeping took a hit. He still starts out in his crib but usually ends up in our bed around midnight.
  • Still the happiest little guy.  He loves to be held. He loves when Jon sings the theme song to “Three’s Company”. He adores his sister. He always wants his mama.
  • Wearing size 2 diapers & is in between clothing sizes.  6 months is a little snug but 9 months is loose.
  • Drools a TON
  • Can almost hold his own bottle
  • Has 1 tooth (bottom, his left)

Lastly, for comparison…5 month side by side.   (Gia was sitting up unassisted at 5 months.) I need to dig out baby pictures of me and Jon and do comparison of all 4 of us!


And just because it’s hilarious: a side by side of Nicholas and Gia tasting apples for the first time, making similar faces and wearing the same bib. (This was not planned. I happened upon this picture as I was doing the 5 month side by side.)


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