6 months!

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Holy moly my baby is HALF WAY to one!

I really cannot believe Nicholas is six months old. I feel like I just had him, but I also feel like he’s been a part of our family forever. Six months is an awesome age. Nicholas is so much fun. He interacts with us and his surroundings more and more every day. He smiles all the time, but it takes a little bit to get him laughing.

We had his 6 month check up a little early this month so…his stats may be a tad outdated.

Height: 26 1/4 in (55%)

Weight: 16 lbs 9 oz (42%)

My little string bean is slowing down in the weight gain, but doing great overall.


Hello there little tooth!

This past month has been a battle with eczema and we’re finally starting to win. The poor guy still doesn’t sleep well and after reading a bunch of sleeping books, trying nearly every sleep “training” method out there, I’ve come to the conclusion that his sleep issues are completely because of his eczema. We are still using the Baby Merlin Magic Sleep suit and it is the only thing that helps. At this point, we have an excellent bedtime routine (lotion & onesie, then bottle, book, sleep suit and into the crib drowsy but awake) and Nicholas falls asleep on his own. But he’s up within an hour, and pretty much every hour after that. Occasionally he’ll sleep for a few hours at a time. When he wakes up he can’t help but scratch at himself and the more he scratches, the more it itches. And no matter how short his nails are, he manages to cut himself all the time.

When he cries we go up and put a hand on his belly, shush him and continuously move his hands away from his head and eyes so that he stops scratching long enough to fall back to sleep. This goes on until we’re ready to go to bed. We go back in as many time as necessary until we’re asleep. After that we just bring him into our bed because we {all} need to sleep. (Even in our bed he wakes up scratching like a maniac. So, while I know he loves our bed, I know we wouldn’t have much trouble transitioning him to his crib if it the eczema wasn’t such an issue.)


looking at his big sis

Three weeks ago I got tired of his pediatrician saying there wasn’t anything he could do–usually I’m 100% on board with our pediatrician but I refused to believe that Nicholas had to suffer. So I found a pediatric dermatologist and took Nicholas. And, Dr. T has been wonderful. He explained so much about eczema that I didn’t know. He prescribed two different steroid creams and after just 2 applications Nicholas was so much better.

We’ve been back for a follow-up appointment and everyone agrees that Nicholas is on the right path. We use the steroids sparingly and only in places that seem to really bother him. Unfortunately, around his eyes are constantly swollen, red and itchy and there’s nothing to be done about that. Steroids on the eyes will cause glaucoma. So I put Vaseline around his eyes 4-5 times a day and it helps, but not enough really. So, we soldier on and hope he outgrows it sooner rather than later.

In other news….more 6 month developments. Nicholas…
  • has 2 teeth! #2 pushed through on April 2oth (bottom front)
  • favorite thing to do is blow. He makes a little “O” shape with his lips and goes to town like he’s blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. It’s hilarious. If you blow at him, he’ll blow back and then laugh.
  • finally rolls from back to belly.
  • rolls from belly to back way more often now.
  • is napping very well. He’ll give me one long nap (upwards of 1.5 hours) almost every day.
  • puts everything in his mouth. Everything.
  • is eating 3 meals a day. He loves food. Just today he started making little mmmmm sounds when he’s happy with what we’re giving him. He’s had apples, bananas, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, green beans, peas and yogurt. He is not a fan of peas. Bananas are his favorite.
  • does not like when I give him homemade baby food. He gagged (fake) and then cried when I put some sweet potato in his mouth.
  • makes the funniest faces when I give him puffs. Slowly he’s starting to like them.
  • can sit up unassisted for a few seconds. The other day he fell forward and ended up on his belly and started crying hysterically. I think he was mostly scared because as soon as I picked him up he stopped.
  • talks, babbles and mimics conversation. Jon was holding him and he was craning his neck to see me the other day. I told him I’d come get him in a second and he “answered back” with a 2 syllable sound like “oo ooo”.
  • supports his weight on his legs very well.
  • hugs me. If someone is holding him and he wants to come to me, he’ll lean toward me and flail his arm toward me. (Eventually this will turn into reaching for me but for how he’s just sorta flapping his arms). Then when I take him, he buries his head in my neck and throws an arm around my neck. Totally slays me.

The first six months!

1-2-3month Collage 4-5-6 Collage

For comparison:

At 6 months Gia was 19 lbs 15 oz (97%) and 27 inches (90%). She was nearly 3 lbs biggr and only 3/4 in taller. Chunky monkey and the string bean!

gn  6months

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