A Day of Firsts

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September 10th was a big day for Gia. Not only was it her first day of preschool, she also got her hair cut for the first time! We’ve been meaning to cut her hair for a while now. Curly hair can be difficult to deal with and when you’re a 3 year old who can barely sit still long enough for your mom to comb it, it can get messy. And full of knots.  My mom is a hairdresser, so you’d think we would have done a million hair cuts by now. We tried at the beginning of the summer, but every time my mom had time, Jon wasn’t around. (I really wanted him to see her first hair cut.) Then my mom had foot surgery and couldn’t work for 6 weeks.
Now that she’s back to work, we were finally able to find a day that worked for everyone. So after Gia’s first morning at school and our quick cookie-baking session, we headed to Adora Bella Salon in Franklin Lakes to see Yadi. Gia was so excited!  The salon has a really cool chair just for kids. It looks like a regular hair cutting chair–it goes up and down and swivels–but it’s tinier and has a “seat belt” to keep kids in. Gia climbed right up.

She didn’t love the cape so much, so my mom put it on her backwards. That way it still protected her clothes from the falling hair, but her arms were free.

Rather than washing her hair in the huge (not to mention uncomfortable) sinks, my mom just used a spray bottle to wet her hair. And then the cutting started!

 The whole thing took about 20 minutes and Gia loved it. She loved that she was being treated like a big girl and she loved looking at herself in the huge mirrors. She started to get antsy near the very end, but my mom was just about done and so she sat still until the end.

 And then there were kisses from Yadi and a lollipop for Gia. 

The best part? Her hair looks awesome! 

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