A Petting Zoo Party!

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In just one short week my baby will be 2. I have no idea where the time has gone. It feels like last week that I was pregnant and eagerly awaiting his arrival or planning his first birthday party.

As we get closer to his birthday I get more and more nostalgic. I love this age. I love toddlerhood and it makes want to keep Nicholas this age forever. He’s such a funny little guy who loves life. I’ll write more on that later.

For now I’ll leave you with some photos from Nicholas’s 2nd birthday bash at our house. We planned a petting zoo party and invited all the kids Nicholas loves. The guest list was quite large so we ended up getting a bouncy house for the kids too. I had so much fun coordinating decorations with his adorable invitations. It truly is a joy for me to plan and put together these parties. I know Nicholas likely won’t remember these days, but I will, and I’ll remember them as filled with love and laughter as we celebrate my big boy.



In their pjs watching the bounce house set up…

Petting Zoo Party

Nicholas loved that the bounce house was a dog. He pointed up and said “Doooooog!”

petting zoo party

A little bouncing in their pjs. Gia’s there too 🙂

Petting Zoo party

Decor made by yours truly …



Gia and mommy wore sparkly tank tops and flannel shirts.


The birthday boy’s TWO shirt is from this Etsy shop: So Simply Susan


A little clowning around before the party.


The petting zoo party animals were awesome! We had a cow, a donkey, 2 sheep and 2 goats. They were very friendly and loved the apples, carrots and cheese doodles we had for them. (Yes, cheese doodles are an approved favorite for these guys!) Before the party I cut up the apples and put them in small baggies with a few carrots. Each kid got a bag to feed the animals.

Nick2Bday-21 Nick2Bday-20 Nick2Bday-19

After dinner we had cupcakes and cookies for dessert. I made the goat and pig shaped sugary-butter cookies myself (recipe HERE) and the gorgeous fondant cupcake toppers are from Etsy shop Milk & Honey Cakery.

Nick2Bday-24 Nick2Bday-25

We sang happy birthday and Nicholas loved it. He wasn’t too sure of the birthday hat, but he let me put it on and blew out the candles (on the 3rd try).

petting zoo party Nick2Bday-29

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  • Reply Debi. AKA, Krista's Mom

    It was a Wonderful Day! You did an outstanding job! You can plan a party for me anytime… You are the “Hostess with the Mostess”

    I love you and your beautiful family more than words can express.

    10-15-15 at 8:03 pm
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