A quick bedtime story

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Every night, Gia and I lay in her bed, read a book, talk about tomorrow and then it’s kisses and hugs and she’s off to dreamland. But, every other week my husband works nights and I have to read the book standing up, while bouncing a usually fussy Nicholas.

Gia has adjusted to this change with her usual grace. She doesn’t moan about it–she just deals with it. She lets me read while standing up. She accepts my kisses as I stoop over her bedrail and plant one on her sweet little cheeks.  She says, “I love you mommy. I love you Nicholas” and lays her curls down on the pillow and happily snuggles in, ready to fall asleep.

Well last night she flipped the script. She asked if all three of us could get in her bed and read. And ohmygosh my heart nearly burst with love at the sight of these two snuggling together. And the fact that it was all her idea was just the icing on the sibling-love cake.

gn in bed

As I lay there with my two babies, I was brought back to a night 5 months ago–before Nicholas was here. I heaved my big belly into her bed, and fought back tears. I loved our bedtime ritual and, although I was thrilled to be welcoming baby boy to the family, I was so worried that I wouldn’t have this special time with Gia anymore. I was so scared that things would never be the same.

And ya know what? They aren’t the same.

They’re better.

Watching these two interact is simply amazing. They genuinely love each other already. Their bond is amazing. They wake up within seconds of each other every single day, even though they sleep pretty far away from each other. Nicholas cranes his little neck to get a glimpse of his sister whenever she’s within eyeshot. And, if he’s moaning, a few kind words from her is all he needs to calm down. And Gia loves to tell me when he needs me. She’s always concerned that he’s “all alone”.  She hates when he cries and will say “Mommy, Nicholas is crying! He needs you! GO to him!” even if it means that I have to stop what I’m doing with her to tend to him. She doesn’t care.

Much like that night a few months ago, I know I’ll never forget this night either. After I took the picture, I climbed in the bed, too. I squished next to the wall and listened to Gia read us a Mickey Mouse Christmas book. Nicholas kicked his feet happily, and kept looking at the book and then at his sister. And me? I looked at my two babies and marveled at that fact that I made these two and that I get to be their mom every single day. How did I get so lucky?

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