About Me

Hi! I’m Krista.

Welcome to The Quinntessential Mommy!


I’m a mom to Gia, who’s five and Nicholas who’s two! Right now my life consists of being a mom, a wife, an adjunct professor, a LulaRoe Fashion Consultant, a daughter, a friend, a writer, and a bibliophile.

Mainly, though, I’m your average mom–the quinntessential mommy, if you will. I love to cook, I hate to clean, I work part time teaching developmental English at a local college, I write here and for a website called ScratchMommy. And I love my kids something fierce.

This blog is dedicated to my life as a typical mommy. Not the one you’d see on Bravo, who drives a Range Rover, has 3 nannies and who’s always Red Carpet ready. I’m the regular kind who wears jeans and purple sparkly converse and tries to do it all herself, in the very best way she knows how. My specialty? I love making the mundane fancy or special. I make a big deal out of things because, ya know what, life is a big deal. We only get to do this once and I want to do it the best and most fun way I can.


How did I get here, to this blogging place? Well…

My husband and I met in 2006 on Match.com. Wait a minute. Let me rephrase that. We met because of Match.com…not actually on it. One of us {ahem, him} was browsing profiles but was too cheap to pay the $30 fee to sign in and be connected with me. The detective in him thought my Match screen name sounded a lot like an AIM screen name (remember AOL’s instant messenger? Or am I dating myself here?).  So he added it to his buddy list and waited.

A few days later we were online at the same time and he sent me a random IM. It was a Friday night around 11 and I was tipsy. I’d just come home from dinner and drinks with my roommate and I accepted his IM. We talked for a few minutes — he told me he’d seen me on Match — and then I demanded he send me a picture. I’ll never forget waiting for that picture to download. It seemed to take forever. When it was finally complete, I remember saying out loud “yup, he’s hot”.  Not wanting to waste time I boldly asked him to meet up for a drink a few days later. We met that night and totally clicked. I told him I had to leave early because Project Runway was on and I didn’t want to miss it. He thought I was blowing him off, but I wasn’t.

In 2007, exactly 1 year after we met, he asked me to marry him. Thirteen months later, on a gorgeous October day, we got married!


We traveled A LOT after our wedding (Aruba! Vegas! Italy! Arizona!) and then in November 2009 we got the surprise of our lives when we found out that Gia was on her way and I started to keep a journal of all her milestones. Around the same time I started following mommy blogs and slowly decided I wanted to jump in the blogging game and chronicle this crazyfunamazing time in my life.  Two years later we started trying for Nicholas and, although it took longer than we expected, our second bundle of joy arrived in October 2013. And here I am…still bogging all about my quinntessential life!


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