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Last week we had a minor tragedy in the Quinn household. Charlie Birdie was ill and unfortunately, he didn’t make it. We told Gia he flew away, and she handled it with her usual aplomb.  She said, “Charlie birdie flew away? I go to store and get ‘nother Charlie birdie?”

We had an idea this might happen. Two days after we got Charlie, Gia and I went to Petco to pick up some toys for him and some other supplies. We walked past the bird cage in the store and there was big sign informing customers that the birds were not currently for sale. They were being observed.

“Observed for what?!” I asked. The manager told me that some of their bird suppliers had sick birds and they were observing the ones still left in the store to make sure they were up to “Petco standards”.

Apparently Charlie was not up to Petco standards. Sadly, Charlie wasn’t meant to be with the Quinns for long.


Not to worry. We have some good news.

We adopted a kitten!

You didn’t think Gia would be happy without a pet for long, did you?

Meet Abracadabra!

Gia and I went to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and adopted her.  She’s 9 weeks old and she’s a sweetheart.

She was in foster care for most of her life, so she is very social and has adjusted to living with us very quickly. She’s super affectionate, playful and mischievous. Gia adores her. They play together and Gia is very good with her. The other day Gia was running around and dragging a string behind her. She was belly-laughing because Abby was chasing after the string. All I could hear was laughter and Gia yelling, “Let’s go Kitty!” 

Yet again we had a hard time with names. We chose Abracadabra because she’s pretty much all black and it’s close to Halloween. We call her Abby.

Welcome Home Abby!!

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