The Adventures of Flat Liam

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We were so excited to have Flat Liam come on vacation with us! Every February we go on vacation. This year we traveled to Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Here is Flat Liam’s cousin Gia in the airport, waiting to get on the plane. Flat Liam was so excited to fly with us!



We stayed at a hotel called Azul beach. In Mexico the people speak Spanish. The word ‘azul’ means blue in Spanish.

Every day was sunny and warm! The average temperature in February is 82 degrees. Puerto Morelos is on the Caribbean coast, so the water is very warm, calm and it is a beautiful blue-green color.

The hotel had 4 restaurants, 8 pools and a Nickelodeon kids club where some of the Nickelodeon characters — like Dora, Boots, Spongebob and the Ninja Turtles — visit! Flat Liam wasn’t so sure he wanted to be in a picture with Spongebob so he just watched from the lounge chair.


The hotel also has swim up rooms. That means the room has a regular door you can walk through. It also has a deck and a gate that leads to a pool. You can swim right up to your room.

In the picture you can see the deck and the swim up room! Every morning Flat Liam went for a swim. He really loved swimming in this pool. It was very warm and he liked to float on the green raft.


In the afternoons Flat Liam spent time with us at the beach. Each day we had our own beach hut with a bed in it. It kept us all shaded from the very hot sun. It was a great place to relax after all that swimming! Flat Liam loved the beach hut.


After some rest time, we played on the beach and swam in the ocean. Flat Liam had fun going in the warm water and collecting shells with his cousins Gia and Nick.


All of the swimming and playing on the beach made everyone hungry! Time for a snack at the ice cream shop.


Flat Liam really liked the hotel because they had some games, like this life size chess game. Flat Liam loved to play and beat his cousins at the game.


At the end of the week, no one wanted to leave Azul Beach! Flat Liam wanted to stay under this palm tree forever. But we had to come back to New York 🙁










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    This is hilarious! I hope flat Liam had as much fun as we did!

    3-31-17 at 7:00 pm
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