An Update from St. Thomas

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I’ve been wanting to post an update since we got here. It’s just so beautiful and we’re having a ball. But, I didn’t bring my laptop, so I have no way of posting all my awesome pictures. And really, what’s an update on vacation with out pictures?Also, I’m typing this from my iPad. And it’s kind of a pain. My two pointer fingers are working overtime here. So I’ll leave you with a few quick thoughts and whatever photos I can get to work here…I don’t know who took my 2.5 year old and replaced her with a 10 year old, but Gia has been amazing this whole time. She sat in her seat, quietly, the entire plane ride. 3.5 hours and she didn’t ask to get up once. We watched Ariel 3 times and, viola! We were in St Thomas. (In case you’re wondering, we did give her Benadryl for the plane ride–to help dry up this cold she’s fighting. We put her in a pull up and made her go right before we got on the plane. She wasn’t much into food or drinks on the plane and held it until we arrived in St. Thomas.)

Jon loves coconuts. Here he is drinking the milk straight from it!
Sunrise view from the condo we’re in
Gia loving the pool

Me driving–on the left side of the road!!

Gia hanging out at the condo, watching Ariel

One of the gorgeous beaches…maybe Magen’s Bay (can’t remember!)

 Now that we’re here, she’s a little champion. She sings songs, she plays in the pool, runs in the sand, eats and sleeps well.  It’s amazing how good she’s being.  We are staying in a condo right on the beach and we have a view of the sunrise every morning. It’s pure bliss.

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