Apple Picking at Pennings

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Every fall we go apple picking. Before Gia was born we went to Maskers in Warwick, NY. Last year, we decided to try something different and ended up at Pennings Orchard. We had so much fun that we went back again this year. They have apple orchards, a country store and a little petting zoo.

We went on a Thursday to avoid the crowds and, let me tell you, it was awesome. We practically had the entire orchard to ourselves.

Gia had a ball running around and eating the apples. She wasn’t so sure about picking them off the tree herself, though. She’d tug really hard and the apple would go flying and the branch would bounce back and smack her in the face.

But she did pick a few:

 She had the most fun putting the picked ones into our bag.

After we filled out bag, we headed down to the store and the petting zoo. Gia loved the animals (as usual) and she fed all of them fearlessly.

There were 2 goats and of them was really aggressive. He would head butt the other one to get to Gia so he could eat all her food. If she came near the fence with her hand out, he’d jump up and try to kick the fence to get at her food. She wasn’t scared at all though. She thought it was hilarious that he was kicking.

video coming soon!

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