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A few months ago, in the late spring, I was wasting time in the car while Nicholas was asleep. I went to a drive-thru Starbucks on the highway–not the one I usually go to. I accidentally blew right past the ordering stand and was pulling around to the window when I heard the order-taker/barista saying, “HEY! WAIT! Come back!” And then she broke into song, “Baaaaby, come back…”

Needless to say it was hilarious and awesome. I backed up, ordered my drink, and continued around to the pick-up window. The singing barista peeked her head out to meet me as another girl handed me my drink. The singer and I had another laugh and off I went.

Here we are almost 3 months later, and Baby, I’m back. Back to work that is. I know it’s not exactly the same words as the song, but, you get the point.

This past week has been filled with much excitement around here as I prepared to become a working mommy of 2. From back to school haircuts (for Gia) and color (for me and my grays) to shopping for clothes and shoes and lunch boxes (all for Gia) and water bottles (for me), we’re ready. I think. I hope.

So far I’ve met each of my classes and, let me just tell you, my heart sings when I’m inside an educational institution. Something about the chalkboards (or white boards in my case), desks neatly lined up, and stacks of photocopied syllabi that makes me giddy and hopeful.  Standing in front of a group of students, ready to facilitate learning is absolutely one of things I was meant to do in this life. And the promise of educational growth–for both me and my students– is just the cap on the pen, so to speak.

the quinntessential mommy

And then there’s my little Gigi. She started her new school today and she soared. I know my girl adapts easily to new situations but it never ceases to amaze me just how well she navigates things that are a big deal. She was so excited this morning, putting on her new dress and shoes with a little help from our special guest, Yadi.

On the way to school she was little quieter than usual and maybe some nerves set in. She sang along with the radio rather than talk and when we got there, she held onto my hand tightly. But once we were inside the classroom and she’d met her teacher, Miss Danielle, there wasn’t a trace of nervousness left in that adorable little 4 year old body. We hung up her backpack and she washed her hands and found her friends. She hugged me goodbye and ran off to play.

And when I went to pick her up, she looked at me, smiled and went right back to coloring a rainbow she was making me. She was in no hurry to leave which is the hallmark of a great first day!


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    You are a hard working woman, wonderful mother and a good wife… Not to mention the best daughter a mother could ask for. You deserve everything this lifetime has to offer you, because you work hard and take nothing for granted. You make me proud! It was a pleasure spending the morning with you two “pees in the pod”.


    9-03-14 at 9:05 pm
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