Back to the farm

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I had a million things to do today.  From gym class (for Gia, not me) to lunch with my dad, to cooking dinner, and finding time to go grocery shopping and clean the entire house, I really packed it in. Oh, and Gia only napped for an hour, so there was little rest for the weary in this house.

While Gia was napping and I was emptying the dishwasher, responding to some work emails and making a list for Shop Rite, I stopped for a second and looked out the huge window in our kitchen. It was just so gorgeous out–especially for October. After all the days of rain we’ve had, the sun and warmth were even sweeter. As I was literally basking in the sun, Gia woke up.  I went up to her room to get her and found a very cranky child– because, ya know, she barely slept.  Out of no where I suggested we go to the farm. Instant happy kid, and truthfully, happy mommy too. Because life’s too short to worry about food shopping on the most beautiful October day. It could wait (and it did, till after dinner, when Gia was soundly asleep.)

There is little in life that makes me happier than watching my beautiful girl run around the farm, squealing in delight.

Thinking about how to best approach the hay maze
Gia kept saying “Hi goat. Eat!”
Scare crow Gia & Daddy

Look, I’m feeding him!
Jumping amongst the hay bales

Cheese, mommy!

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