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I love bread. I’m the kind of person who fills up on the bread in the bread basket before dinner is even served. My kids clearly inherited my love of carbs because both of them will snack on a plain piece of bread at any time of day.

So when Boardwalk Food Company asked me to try their bread, I jumped at the chance. Started by a husband and wife team to who love to cook and entertain, Boardwalk Food Company makes a unique line of snack mixes that are easy to make and delicious to taste. And coolest part is that all the snack mixes ask you to use beer as the liquid in the recipe!

Friday Faves: Boardwalk Bread Company

We tried the Rosemary Sea Salt bread and let me just tell you–it was AMAZING. The house smelled like a bakery when they were baking and my family couldn’t wait to try it. I made mini loaves because they’re cute and easy to slice and serve. They were a huge hit as an appetizer before dinner.


Curious about the beer part? Well, the mix does pick up some of the flavor of the beer so we used a sweet summer beer and the bread had an undertone of sweetness with all the savory deliciousness of rosemary thyme. It was the perfect combination. If you don’t want to use beer, you can substitute any carbonated beverage in its place. (Similar to these cupcakes, carbonated beverages are great for adding moisture to mixes and helping bind them together, just like an egg would.)


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