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We’re in full party prep over here. Gia’s 3rd birthday is on July 27th and her party is this weekend. Much more to come on that. For now I’ve been busy making lists, food shopping, cooking, assembling goody bags and delighting in the overwhelmingly excited almost three-year-old that is Gia. 

  The mantra goes something like this:”Mommy, I’m 2, but I’m gonna be 3 in a couple seconds.””It’s my birthday and we’re gonna have a party!””There’s gonna be a petting zoo with animals in my BACKYARD!” “All my people are gonna come and bring me presents!”All of these are said in a high-pitched squeal. It’s really freakin’ hilarious. And adorable. She’s just so happy about everything.  

 And then, of course, there’s the heat. We’ve been spending a lot of time indoors. It’s just too hot for this pregnant mama to be outside for long. The most I can handle is going from the house to the car to a store. Thankfully, Gia has gymnastics camp and swimming lessons, so she’s able to get out and be active, despite my inability to deal with this weather. Hope you’re all enjoying the summer!

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