Christmas 2014

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Christmas this year was an amazing whirlwind of food, family and, of course, presents!

When Gia woke up on Christmas Eve she found Elfie sitting on top of two presents underneath the Christmas tree! She and Nicholas opened them right away and found that Elfie brought them both new Christmas pajamas. Gia was especially excited because Elfie brought her a long nightgown, which she has been wanting for while. We also started a new tradition this year–Gia and Nicholas exchanged sibling gifts on Christmas Eve. Earlier in the month I took Gia shopping and let her pick out a present for Nicholas. Since Nick is still little I chose his gift to her and I made sure to choose a small toy. So on Christmas Eve when they opened their gifts to each other they both had something new to play with and keep them busy till it was time to go start the celebrations. (It worked out SO well. We will definitely be doing this every year!)

We spent Christmas Eve with my in-laws and Gia and Nicholas had a ball opening presents and playing with their cousins.

We came home early that eventing (around 7) and Gia set out cookies for Santa and a few carrots for the reindeer. Everyone put on the Christmas pajamas from Elfie and after a few quick pictures it was time for bed.

The Quinntessential Mommy

The Quinntessential Mommy

Once they were asleep we did our Santa duties (Jon put together Gia’s soccer goal and we used Hoppy Paws to make reindeer prints outside) and headed to bed ourselves. Nicholas still doesn’t sleep through the night, and he was up at 10 and again at 11:30. I was hoping he’d have a good night’s sleep because I knew the next day was going to be a bit crazy. The next thing I knew it was 7:30 am and Gia was standing next to our bed, ready to be up for the day. I think she forgot it was Christmas till I reminded her.  I peeked at the monitor and Nicholas was still asleep so I told Gia to go use the bathroom and I went down to set up the camera for Santa pictures. Sure enough the sounds of us moving around woke Nicholas up.

As soon as we went downstairs I opened the front door to “check the weather” and Gia saw the reindeer prints. She was in awe of them. The magic of Christmas was just beginning.


We walked into the kitchen and the moment Gia saw the tree with all the gifts under it, her face lit up. It’s these moments that make all of the shopping, wrapping and prep work totally worth it. Nicholas had a diaper situation so he was naked for half the pictures. Oh well, what can ya do?

The Quinntessential Mommy

Gia ran over and saw the soccer goal first and was yelling in happiness. She then found her stocking and the second thing she opened was a rubber duckie–which is the ONLY thing she asked Santa for. This year Gia completely understood every aspect of Christmas, but she was not into making a list for Santa. Well, let me rephrase that. She made a list but refused to be specific about what exactly he should bring her. She looked at the Toys R Us big book for all of two minutes and circled a few toys, but that was it. After that, all she’d say was “we have to wait to see what he brings me” and she’d get mad if I pressed her. The only thing she committed to was a “squeaky duck”.  So when she opened it up on Christmas morning and said “my dream came true!”  we nearly melted at the cuteness.

The Quinntessential Mommy

We spent the next 45 minutes opening presents. She loved every single one and was just overjoyed. I set my camera (my new Nikon D610–omg I’m in love) to interval timer so that I was in some of the Christmas shots and it was awesome. The camera took pictures every 45 seconds and got some great candid shots. We also posed a few times, too 😉


The Quinntessential Mommy

After we were done opening presents we opened a few and let the kids play. Gia’s favorite presents were definitely the soccer goal and the Doc McStuffins Doc Mobile. Nicholas wanted whatever Gia had and he also loved the boxes 🙂


The Quinntessential Mommy

I made baked french toast (another Christmas tradition) and we had a little breakfast and some relaxing time before my family came over to celebrate with us that afternoon.


 Tell me in the comments, what were some favorite gifts this year in your house?

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    Loved this post . . . I implemented many traditions into my girls’ lives while they were growing up too. Now, I have two grandchildren and I am incorporating the same traditions in their lives. One of my favorite gifts which I get every year is a dachshund ornament for my Christmas tree. My mother did this for me for many years and when she passed away, my husband and daughters make sure I have a new ornament of my beloved dachshund Molly. Continue those traditions, they are the best gifts!

    1-27-15 at 1:42 pm
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