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Christmas is such a magical time, which is only made more magical when you have a three year old. Add in the fact that it’s your newborn’s very first Christmas, and well, you have one joy-filled mama.
 I’m not sure it can get any better than this. I’ve mentioned before that Gia really loves to know what’s coming next in her little life. Whether it’s what we’re doing in an hour or a day or a week, my little girl likes a head’s up about the future. She’s happier when she knows what to expect. So, we’ve been talking about the seasons and the holidays and what comes next for a while now. Gia is ready for winter and Christmas and Santa.  Last year I wrote about our Christmas Traditions and this year we’re a little behind, but we’re making time for them all. First up…gingerbread houses.  

  We actually followed the directions and built the house a few hours before we decorated. She doesn’t call it the Christmas house like she did last year. Now she’s big and she can say Gingerbread and she gets a little annoyed with me if I call it the Christmas house. She definitely corrects me. “Mommy, it’s a gingerbread house”. After her bath I set up the candy and busted out my softbox and good camera to get some good pictures of her. (Check out that pretty bokeh up there…)  

I let her tell me where to place the icing on the house so that she could stick the candies exactly where she wanted them. She was really into it.

I drew a line with the icing on the roof of the house and Gia put little round candies on the line. 
“Mommy, I’m making a pattern!” she said. And sure enough, she did. 
She successfully repeated the order of the colors 3 times. I was amazed that not only did she know what a pattern is, but that she could make one herself. For the record, that little orange one at the end is above the line. It’s not part of the pattern.

   Tell me–what are your favorite holiday traditions? 

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  • Reply Ariel @ Dreams To Do

    Ahhhhh, I need to get a gingerbread house for Leila! We've never done one together. And I love your pics!! Great bokeh. 🙂

    12-13-13 at 4:11 pm
  • Reply Krista

    It was lots of fun! Leila would love it! I'm working on the picture taking skillz. LOL

    12-17-13 at 4:13 pm
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