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As I suspected, Christmas this year was really special.

We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family and had a feast of fish like good Italians. And I finally got a frame-worthy picture of my in-laws and my children.  

 And a great one of Gia and some of her favorite people: her cousins! 

   When we got home Gia was so tired she barely cared about putting out the reindeer food and cookies for Santa, but we did it. She happily put on her new pjs and was off to dreamland in no time.  

 We waited for her to fall deeply asleep and then we started the Santa duties of carrying all her presents from their hiding place (in our office) to their spot under the tree. 

Before bed Jon and I had a quiet moment so we exchanged gifts. I got a new lens for my good camera (35mm f1.8!!! I’d been shooting with a 50mm which I like a lot, but it’s tougher to focus in small spaces) and the new Britney Spears CD.    My little Saint Nick slept really well, which was awesome. Gia got up at 7:07 and was calling for me. We told her to come to our room, where she climbed into our bed and told us it was too early and that Santa wasn’t there yet. We told her we heard him on the roof at night and that it was NOT too early. I ran downstairs first to set up the tent and the camera and then she came down.

She was super excited to see her 2 big gifts all ready for her. The wrapped presents were pretty, but the tent and horse were solid proof for her that Santa was there. We spent the next hour opening presents. Gia’s reactions were priceless. I wish I had a video camera on her the entire time.  The tent (which is actually the B. Teepee by B.Toys) was definitely her favorite gift. She kept saying “The tent is beautiful” and she wanted to open all her presents IN the tent…all day. Even hours later when our families came over for dinner, Gia was still taking her presents into the tent to open.  

 Once she moved along to the wrapped presents, she found the biggest box and dug it out and opened it first. And, it just happened to be PinyPons–the thing she wanted most from Santa.  

After Gia opened her presents, she moved onto opening the few things we got Nicholas (a new bottle, some pacis, a bottle brush…). And then we let her choose 1 to open and play with. She chose the game Hungry Hungry Hippos, which she loves. (We’ve played countless games in the past few days and have already lost half the marbles.) 

  Later in the day we hosted my family and part of Jon’s family. There was so much good food and lots of laughter and a ton of love. It was an awesome day.   Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  

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