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So this past week Gia got into my stash of k-cups for the Keurig. When this happened, our house was still in disarray because of all the kitchen construction. Gia was in the dining room (which is where everything kitchen-related was hanging out) and I could tell she was playing with something, but I was talking to our contractor and wasn’t paying close attention to what she was doing.

Later that night–after Gia had eaten dinner and had a bath–I went into the dining room to see what she had been doing earlier. I opened the k-cup drawer where I store my k-cups, and there were none in there. Not one. I was quite surprised. I had just bought a new box and knew I had at least 10 around.  I asked her where they were and she looked at me with a pitying look and said, “I don’t know Mommy.” After searching all over, I found them in the trunk of her little play car. She’s crafty, that one.

I’ll admit that I didn’t immediately put the k-cups away because I thought it was so funny. Such a toddler thing to do. The following day Gia obviously remembered where they were because she was playing with them — lining them up on the mantel by the fireplace.

After that I put them all back. But only because my kitchen was finally done and I wanted everything back to normal!

As I was putting them away, I came across a little Keurig gadget I purchased a long long time ago, but have never used–the K Cup Saver. Stay tuned for a Tips & Tricks post about this awesome little thing.

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