Cookies for Santa!

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You all know how much I love traditions. This year we switched up a few (no Nordstrom Christmas dress for Gia. Mama ordered from Zulily instead) and we might have missed others completely (we got snowed out both times we tried to go to NYC to see the tree in Rockefeller center) but we also started a few new ones.
Tonight is Elfie’s last night with us. And tomorrow when Gia and Nicholas wake up, Elfie will be under the Christmas tree, sitting on a stack of presents. There’s one for each of us, and inside is a new pair of Christmas-y pajamas. New tradition #1. 

 And this year Gia and I made Christmas cookies for Santa. It was  

I rolled the dough and let Gia use the cookie cutters.  We had a bunch of different shapes (star, heart, Christmas tree, Santa and a bell) but she loved the heart and the star the most. 

 Then we patiently waited for the cookies to bake. 

 And then the decorating fun started. I used food coloring to make some green icing and then put it in a baggie. I cut the tiniest bit of the corner off so Gia had a makeshift piping bag. It worked really well. 

I think Gia ate her weight in icing and used an entire bottle of red sprinkles on just a few cookies. But she had a blast doing it. She was so proud of her “beautiful and tasty cookies” (yes that’s a direct quote) and she can’t wait to leave them out for Santa tomorrow night. And thus, new tradition #2 was born.  I can’t wait to do it again next year with both kids.

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