Dear Nicholas, as you turn 2

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Dear Nicholas,

Two years ago today you entered the world and completed our family. I remember those first few hours so vividly. I felt such a fierce mama love for you, my littlest. It was a brand new feeling and not something that happened quite so quickly when I became a mom for the first time. Things were so different with you right from the start. (Read Nicholas’s birth story here.)

You’ve taught me so much about motherhood. I knew I’d have to parent you differently than I did your sister, but I didn’t really know what that would mean, until now.  You’ve taught me to slow down and appreciate every milestone. You’ve taught me that you’ll do things on your own time, in your own way. You may not speak as much as other 2 year olds, but you certainly get your point across and you make your presence known. I love the way you always advocate for yourself and never let us forget to give you a turn. Most of the time that means pointing to yourself vigorously until we acknowledge that we see you and have not forgotten you.

Nicholas turns 2

You are a joy to be around. You’re funny and love to laugh and you slap your knee when something is very funny to you. You have a mind of your own and once that mind is made up, there is no changing it. You love to help me cook and you don’t really care that a hot stove isn’t the place for a two year old. You yell “ladder! ladder!” and push the step stool right over until I give in and let you help for a minute.

You are the sweetest boy around. I love that you’re always willing to give me hugs and kisses. I love that you’re a little shy with strangers and stingy with your words. When I ask you to try to say a new word, most of the time your reply is “nah”. And then you giggle and run away. (You’re not that sneaky though mister. I’ve heard you string a few words together for Gia.) I love that you understand everything about the world around you, even if you can’t communicate as clearly as you’d like. I love the way you approach new toys and fun experiences. You watch for a minute and then run over, sit down right in the middle of things and get started.  You love our MyGym classes and are having so much fun at our Mommy & Me preschool mornings. I love your silly “chesse” face in pictures (see above) and I love the silly head-bobbing, tongue-sticking-out dance you do when you’re super happy.

Although I can count on one hand the times I’ve had 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep since your birth, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The moments I’ve spent rocking you back to sleep have been some of the most beautiful times in my life. I will never forget hours spent in the brown chair in your room, cradling you, waiting for sleep to visit. I daydream about life, plan blog posts, and sometimes I even make lists in my head of all the things I need to do once you’re {finally} asleep. But most of all, I kiss your head, smell your sweet little boy smell, and thank my lucky stars that I get to be your mama.

Happy 2nd Birthday Nicholas!

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