Easter Day

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For some reason this year’s Easter celebration was especially fun: it was filled with good food, family and a lot of love. Oh, and desserts. Lots of desserts. I think a lot of the reason this year was so special was because of Gia. She’s at such a fun age. Everything is new and fun and wonderful to her. She loves and cherishes each experience and it’s just so amazing to watch and be a part of.  Her happiness & enthusiasm are contagious and you can’t help but smile with you’re with her.Jon had to work on Easter from 8-4 so the Easter Bunny came to our house on Saturday. Gia was so excited to see her basket(s) filled with fun little toys and gifts.

She had a ball looking at every single item and then asking to eat it or play with it immediately. 

  We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and baking a delicious carrot cake from scratch.   

On Easter, Gia and I had a leisurely morning. She played with more of her Easter toys and helped me put the finishing touches on the carrot cake. (Notice the not-quite-evenly placed carrots? That was courtesy of my 2 year old helper.) She really enjoyed carrying the basket around with her. And, although we didn’t get her much candy at all, she asked me to eat some of it every two minutes.In the afternoon, we got dressed up and headed to Yadi & Joepa’s house (my mom & stepdad).

At Yadi’s house there were more Easter baskets & presents.
So many presents! She’s squeezing a light up chick here, hence the odd face.

Gia & her Great Grandma
Kim, Gia and Mummum reading the book from Kim.

And of course it wouldn’t be Easter without dancing… 
 …and the singing of Happy Easter to You, sung only so Gia could blow out some candles. 

So, as Gia would say, “Happy Easter Day, everybody!”

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