Easter Farm Visit

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Even though we live smack in the middle of typical suburbia, with all its strip mall glory, we’re also fortunate that there are many beautiful farms nearby. Gia and Nicholas both love animals so we visit farms often and have a look around.

Every year a local farm has an Easter event where kids can come see bunnies and chicks and hold them. We’ve gone to the Easter Farm Visit every year and we were so excited keep up the tradition this year.  Both kids were thrilled to be so close to real animals, holding them and petting them.

Easter Farm Visit

Easter Farm Visit

Easter Farm Visit

Gia got right in there, tore off her coat and asked one of the helpers to please bring her a bunny to hold. Nicholas sat down next to her and watched for a minute. Then he got brave and started to pet the bunny.

Then he decided he wanted to hold a bunny himself. He pointed at the bunnies and made his usual “uhhh uhhh” sound (he still doesn’t say much, but totally gets his point across). So they brought him a bunny too.

Easter Farm Visit

Easter Farm Visit

He loved holding the bunny! My crazy little man was so sweet and gently petting the bunny. It melted my heard to see my two babies there holding those soft, furry bunnies.

Easter Farm Visit

This year we hosted Easter at our house and it was a lovely day filled with family and food and lots and lots of CANDY!

Happy Easter a little late!

(ps. if you follow me on Instagram, there’s an Easter pic of me and the kids there!)


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  • Reply Michelle

    Sweet pictures. Nicholas not so sure about that bunny. I love his expressions. We had a nest of baby bunnies under our liviingroom window and they left just the other day. They were so fun to watch and monitor their progress. Now my dogs just go over their and sniff out the hole.

    4-08-15 at 7:23 am
  • Reply Micaela @MindfulMomma

    Farm visits are always so fun! And those bunnies are absolutely adorable!

    4-08-15 at 11:37 am
  • Reply CourtneyLynne

    omg what awesomely cute photos :):) looks y’all have a fabulous easter farm visit 🙂

    4-09-15 at 10:40 am
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