Easter Fun

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The past few days have been all about Easter & Gia is loving it! She doesn’t really understand much about Easter, except that it’s a holiday and it involves bunnies and chicks, dyeing eggs, going to church and spending time with family. She calls it “Easter Day”. Last year we had a few friends over for an egg dyeing playdate and we had so much fun that I thought we’d do it again this year. 

 Gia and her friends Christopher & Adrianna had a blast. Gia couldn’t wait to “color the eggs”. She must have asked me a million times when her friends were coming over so we could get started.

It took a few reminders for Gia to be gentle with eggs.
But she got the hang of it.
Between 3 mommies, 3 kids, and 3 packs of egg dye we could NOT get an egg to turn pink (much to my dismay).  
Oh well, they look pretty anyway!

  Today we took Gia to Abma’s Farm in Wyckoff (my old stomping grounds). First we went to their regular petting zoo, which she loved. 

  They were also having a special Easter petting zoo extravaganza. They had bales of hay set up to make a little square pen and the kids sat on the hay and waited their turn to hold a real live bunny or chick. She sat patiently and it didn’t take long until the lady handed her a medium sized white bunny. She kind of froze, so, from behind, I helped her scoop the bunny onto her tiny lap and hold tight.
(It was such a madhouse that we only got cell phone pictures of this part, so please excuse the less-than-stellar quality of these.)

She eventually got the hang of it and was more comfortable.  She sat there with him for a few minutes (or an eternity in toddler time) and then she started to look around. I could tell she’d had enough, so we put the bunny back in the center of the “ring” and let someone else have a turn.

The Easter Bunny is coming tonight (Daddy has to work on Easter morning, so he’s making a special delivery tonight) and then Sunday is “Easter Day”.  More fun to come!

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    Haha, I love the “Ok, what next” picture at the bottom! I guess there's only so much attention to be spared for a fuzzy bunny when so many other things are going on 😉

    3-29-13 at 9:11 pm
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