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Easter was awesome this year. It’s really amazing how one little person can complete a family.

As usual, the Easter bunny came on Saturday because Daddy had to work on Sunday.  Someone was thrilled when she came into the kitchen and saw her Easter basket on the the table, all filled with goodies.


A few days before Easter Gia and I were in the car and I asked her what she wanted the Easter bunny to bring her. Her answers were hilarious.  1. A new pink lipstick. I had already gotten her a new Lalaloopsy chapstick, so I was feeling pretty confident that she and the Easter bunny were on the same page. Next she said bubbles– which was also good. We have a bunch of brand new bubbles in the playroom that Gia doesn’t even know are there, so I just grabbed one of those and put them in her basket.  3. A new motorized car to drive around the driveway.  Say what?! I nearly drove off the road when she said that. Instead I said something along the lines of “Oh honey, the Easter bunny doesn’t bring big things like that. How about some chocolate? He brings chocolate.”  She was thrilled with that answer and asked for an” Easter Chocolate Bunny” (which I had to go to 3 stores to find). When she saw her basket that Easter Chocolate Bunny was the first thing she saw.


Nicholas recently started solids so he got some puffs, a new bottle, some new spoons, a new bowl and 2 new teething toys. He mostly just wants to grab whatever he can and shove it in his mouth and chew it up.

I hid a dozen plastic eggs around the family room and kitchen so after Gia opened her basket she had a mini egg hunt, which she absolutely loved. We planned on taking her to a local egg hunt but she wasn’t feeling great and the hunt started at 9 am. I didn’t want to drag her out of the house at 8:30 am just to run around a field and grab some eggs. The at-home hunt worked out perfectly. I filled some of the eggs with Skittles (her new favorite candy) and some with quarters (which she loves to bring with us to the supermarket so she can get a toy out of the machines).

egg hunt

Later that day we went to a local farm and Gia got to hold a baby chick and pet a few bunnies. She loves animals and was in heaven.

easterchicks Collage


On Easter Sunday (as Gia loved saying this year) we had dinner with my in-laws and dessert with my mom and my family. We had awesome food and we had so much fun with family. As usual I didn’t get a good picture of all 4 of us. But…you get the idea. Gia was in a mood in the morning so to snap her out of it I offered to straighten her hair and she happily tookme up on the offer. Nicholas took an awesome nap and was in a good mood all day.

family Collage

Hoppy Easter everyone!

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