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  It’s freezing here. After the crazy winter we had, I was really looking forward to an awesome spring. I was totally ready for warm days: playing outside with Gia, BBQs for dinner, ice pops for dessert. And I love those cool nights when you can sleep with the windows open, but still need a little blanket to keep warm.   Well those days have been few and far between around here. It warmed up for a bit — and we definitely enjoyed ourselves when it did. But then it got cold again, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend, aka the kickoff of summer. And, Jon is working pretty much all weekend. The thought of 3 days inside this house with a very active, nearly 3 year old was daunting to say the least.  

Gia having a mini cone from Trader Joe’s

  Yesterday morning I was watching Kathie Lee & Hoda (What? Don’t you love Hoda too?) and they were reviewing this weekend’s biggest blockbusters. They featured a kids movie first.  The movie was Epic and the consensus was that it was a very cute movie for both kids and adults. So last night I bought tickets and we decided to take Gia to her first movie!
We bought our tickets ahead of time and got there a half hour early. We picked seats close to one of the big lights on the side wall of the theatre because Gia wasn’t so sure of the huge dark room with the big screen. (As usual, I prepped Gia ahead of time and told her what to expect, but she was still a little apprehensive.) The theatre provided booster seats, which was great. She climbed up and sat for a minute and then decided she had to check out the bathroom.
Jon took her and while they were gone they got some popcorn. I had some candy and two small water bottle stashed in my bag.
She happily munched on popcorn and we kept reminding her that the lights were going to go off soon. The theatre filled up almost completely and then the previews started. It was a little loud at first and Gia look surprised. But she got used to it quickly and seemed to enjoy how big the screen was.
from my iPhone…not the best quality but you get the idea!

Finally the actual movie started. The animation was amazing and the characters’ voices were nearly all recognizable, which was fun for the adults. The story itself was super adorable and really kept our attention.
Overall Gia did really well. She sat nearly the entire movie and ate her snacks (which were a lifesaver). At one point, when she was tired of popcorn, had consumed nearly all of her water and quite a few Sno Caps, Gia turned to me and said, “What else do you have in that bag, Mommy?”

There were a couple bathroom trips, a few times when she hopped off her seat just to wiggle around a little and climb back on, and a few times when we had to remind her to whisper. But, everyone in the theatre was dealing with the same thing, so it certainly wasn’t a big deal.

On the way home in the car (and a few times since then) Gia randomly said, “I had fun going to the movies!” It obviously made a positive impact on her, which I love. Overall I’d say it was a highly successful first trip to the movies!

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