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For the next few weeks (or maybe, ahem, months) I’m going to dedicate Friday to losing weight, as I attempt to get rid of these last, pesky 8 lbs from my pregnancy with Nicholas.
When I was pregnant with Gia I gained about 32 lbs. Two or three of those pounds were from swelling. That, coupled with the fact that Gia was 9 lbs 1 oz at birth, meant that when I got on the scale two weeks after her birth, I only had 7 lbs to lose.  I joined Weight Watchers and did it for about 3 weeks. It was summer, I was active and the weight came off with not much effort.
I actually gained less with Nicholas–about 29 lbs in total. Nicholas was a normal sized baby though, and, let’s face it, I’m 3 years older this time. I also gained weight much more quickly with Nicholas. With Gia I didn’t start packing on the pounds until the middle and the end of the pregnancy. With Nicholas I was gaining a pound a week from the start, and then in the middle I slowed down.
After Nicholas was born I got on the scale and it wasn’t pretty. I tried not to think about it though. My new found muffin top would have to wait. The holidays were right around the corner and there was no way I was going to count calories during the yummiest time of the year. So I really and truly didn’t worry. I ate whatever I wanted throughout the Christmas season. I was preparing to detox after the holidays were over.
By 28th of December, I’d had enough. I was eating like crap and feeling like it too. So I signed up for Weight Watchers online. I’ve had success with them before and I was ready. And, in the spirit of full disclosure, our winter vacation is fast approaching and the thought of being on a beach at that weight was a not a happy thought.
Week 1… I lost 2.3 lbs.Week 2… I stayed exactly the same
And today marks the start of week 3.
Down 1.3! YAY!

Starting Weight: 120.9 (Let me remind you that I am 5 feet tall. I’m a tiny person and 120 is muffin-top, clothes-don’t-fit, fluffy belly, feeling-crappy-about-myself territory.)
Current Weight: 117.3

Loss or Gain: Loss of 1.4

Goal Weight: 112 (that was my pre-pregnancy weight)

Challenges this week: Nicholas’s baptism was Sunday. I ate everything I wanted that day, but only small portions. It seems to have worked!
My other challenges are:
1. The evenings. I tend to save up my points because I’m an after-dinner snacker. I know it’s not the greatest, but that is the hardest time for me to not eat.  
2. Mentally feeling satisfied. There have been plenty of times this week when I was full but not satisfied. It’s really important for me to feel satisfied or else my whole day will be derailed. I can only take deprivation for so long and then I freak and eat everything in sight. So I’ve been have a piece of chocolate or some other small sweet every day. 

What I ate: Tons more fruit and veggies this week. When I’m hungry I always have a piece of fruit before anything else. If I’m still hungry after the fruit, I find something else.

What I’m focusing on next week: Drinking more. I hate drinking and don’t drink enough of anything. And forget about water. Yuck. This week I’m breaking out my water bottle from when I was pregnant and I’m going to aim for 16 oz of water a day, and anything else I drink (which is usually seltzer).


Eyes on the prize…this was 1 year ago (Feb 2013) in St. John. Not perfect, but a comfortable, attainable weight for me.
Anyone else on a weight loss journey this year?  I want to hear all about it! Find me on Facebook and tell me your favorite low-cal recipe!

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