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Out there in blogland there are a lot of “Five on Friday” posts where you post 5 things on Friday. I’m a little behind the times, as I’ve never done a 5 on Friday before, but this week I thought it was a good idea because I can kind of sum up the week all in one place. Come to think of it, that’s probably why Five on Friday started. 😉  So here, are five thoughts about my week…

1. Nicholas’s first MyGym Class

I’ve been wanting to sign Nicholas up for a gym class. And now that we’re between semesters and I have some time on my hands, I signed him up for a trial class at MyGym. I remember taking Gia when she was about this age and she loved it. I couldn’t wait to let Nicholas explore and play in a fun place with kids his age.

He’s generally a pretty cautious kid and he was no different at MyGym. He looked all around and took in all the fun stuff. He’d get excited and run away from me to go play, but as soon as one of the instructors or other kids said hi to him or approached him he’d turn around and run right back to me.

He eventually got comfortable and was running all over the place, bouncing on the little trampoline and climbing the mini stairs. Those were his favorite and he spent half the class on them. He had a ton of fun so we signed him up for 8 weeks of classes!

The Quinntessential Mommy

2. Homemade Eggnog Lattes

My husband doesn’t like hot liquids. Yup, you read that right. My husband doesn’t drink coffee or tea or like soup.  Makes it kinda tough in the winter when I’m craving a good stew, but…we make do. Well things changed a little when Nicholas was born because as I’ve mentioned many times before, he isn’t the greatest sleeper. So my husband started drinking coffee. It started with Dunkin Donuts–he’d have a medium coffee light and sweet. (Which is really more like warm coffee ice cream than anything else.) Slowly the amount of sugar started decreasing and then he started liking dark roast…and the rest is history. He’s officially a coffee drinker now and I love it. I’m a huge coffee drinker (unless I”m pregnant–then I absolutely loathe it) and I love having someone to share my love of coffee with.

I’m also a huge Starbucks lover. My husband thinks the specialty drinks are too sugary (they are–that’s why I love ’em 😉 ) but he does love the pumpkin spice lattes. And then when Christmastime came he tried an eggnog latte and he loved that too. We have a a small milk frother (this one Aerolatte Milk Frother, Satin)  so he decided to look up a recipe and make his own eggnog lattes. And YUM! We stocked up on eggnog (because they only make it during the holidays so I know we won’t be able to get it much longer) and my own personal barista has been making them for us every morning!

3. A little “me” time — nails and shopping

With Gia back at school and my husband off for a few days I was able to sneak off to the mall for a few hours with my mom, do some shopping AND get my nails done. Yay!

4. Quiet activities for a sick little munchkin

Gia was back at school for a whole 2 days before she got sick. On Wednesday she had a 104 fever. Poor thing just hung out on the couch all day. I went out to run a few errands and found these Frozen Peel ‘n Stick Sticker Puzzles Arts & Crafts and picked them up as a little surprise for her. She absolutely loved them. Each box comes with 8 grids and 8 pages of stickers. The stickers are numbered and are out of order. You stick them on one of the numbered grids IN order and they create a picture. Not only was it a fun and calm activity, it made Gia think about numbers and work on recognizing numbers over 20. Highly recommend!

The Quinntessential Mommy

5. Disney on Ice

This past Saturday night we took Gia to Disney on Ice: Princesses and Heroes. It was a surprise and we didn’t tell her we were going until an hour before we left. My in-laws watched Nicholas and the three of us headed to see the show. I made sure Gia took a car nap that day because the show didn’t start till 7 and sister usually goes to sleep at 7:30.

When we got there she was a little scared at first. (Lately she has been very scared of everything so I wasn’t surprised.) But after the first number was over, she really got into it. We were sitting toward the side of the ice and she could see the skaters as they entered the rink and every time she saw a new princess was about to come out she’d yell, “BELLE! I SEE BELLE!”  It was adorable.  She couldn’t believe the princesses were there with ice skates on real ice.  We all had such a good time. My husband and I couldn’t believe how cute the show was and Gia just loved that all the little girls we wearing their princess costumes. She was certain Elsa saw her and waved to her, and she sang her little heart out during every single Frozen song.  It was so sweet to spend time with just our big girl.


The Quinntessential Mommy

Tell me in the comments, what were some of your memorable moments from this week?


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