Gia’s 1st Dance Recital

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Last weekend was Gia’s first dance recital and I don’t know who was more excited–me or her. After a lackluster experience with peewee soccer last fall, I was a tiny bit apprehensive about dance. But, Gia said she wanted to go to dance, and in typial Gia fashion, she said she wanted to take dance, and she really did want to. She loved every moment of it.

The theme of the recital this year was “Sweet Street: A Walk Down Candy Lane”. Gia’s class started learning their recital dance months ago, to the tune of “Lollipop” by the Chordettes. Dress rehearsal was a week prior to the show, and if that was any indication of how the actual recital was going to go… well, I’d be one happy mama.

The night before the recital we started our preparation right after dinner. Gia took a bath and we blew hair straight (which she loves because she thinks she looks like Rapunzel). And of course she wore her ballerina pjs to bed.


In the morning we flat ironed her hair, and Yadi came over a little early to help us put it in a sleek pony tail, which was a requirement for the show. We also let Gia put on quite a bit of makeup, which was her favorite part of the morning by far. Eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss…she was in heaven.

(Side Note: Nicholas stayed at home with a non-family babysitter for the first time and it went so well! He was an angel for her and we loved her too.)

The recital was held at a local high school. When we arrived I dropped Gia off backstage with her dance class and one of moms of the other little girls, where she stayed for the entire show. (Please excuse all these bad iPhone pics. They said not to bring cameras and I didn’t. By the time we got home Gia was too tired to put her costume back on for pictures.)


I sat in the audience with a gaggle of family members, all excitedly waiting to see Gia on stage: my husband, my mom, my in-laws, my aunt, and my cousin (Gia’s godmother).  We were counting down to Gia’s number and right before she came on I was a nervous wreck.  Between each routine, the lights went down and the kids finishing their dance would run off the stage and the next batch would come on. When it was time for the little girls to come on they’d close the curtain and walk them out.

I’ll never forget the moment the curtain opened and the lights went up. Gia was in the middle and I could see her adorable little face looking out at the audience. She didn’t look one bit scared. The music started to play and she was shaking her little rear like a pro. She didn’t miss a step–she knew that dance inside and out. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. (She’s 3rd from the left in the picture.)

The two minutes passed in the blink of an eye. I never wanted it to end. I loved watching Gia on that stage not only because it was just the cutest thing ever, but because she loved being up there.

Of course I have video…she’s 4th from the left here!

When the show was over she was so proud of herself. Her awesome family members brought her flowers and my aunt got her a trophy, which she loved. Jon left the recital after Gia’s routine to relieve our babysitter who had to get to her waitressing job, so when we got home Gia showed him the trophy. He said something like “Wow! You got a trophy?” And she replied, “Not just any trophy, a ballerina trophy!” It was hilarious.

Jon and I got her ballet slipper earrings with a little pink sapphire in each. She loved them and asked Yadi to put them on her right away. Prior to this, Gia would not let us change her earrings. She’d been wearing the same ones since we had her ears pierced 3.5 years ago despite the fact that she was gifted a gorgeous pair of rubies from my dad a few years ago. She wasn’t supposed to wear earrings in the recital so a few days before she let my mom change her earrings to the rubies. On the day of the recital we forgot to take the rubies out though! So the earrings as a present had double significance for her.

It’s been a little over a week since the recital and Gia is still talking about it. She practices her spins every day (peer-o-wets, Mommy!) and can’t wait for dance camp in August. Something tells me we have a little dancer on our hands, and I couldn’t be happier.

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