Gia’s 4th Birthday ~ Kids Party!

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This year we decided to split up Gia’s birthday celebrations and have a kid party for all her friends and a family party on her actual birthday (at our house). Since majorly busy is the new normal around here, this was definitely the easier way to go, and a win-win for Gia too. She gets 2 parties and a month-long celebration and I get a bit of a break with the planning. It’s much easier to just have family to the house, rather than family plus friends and their families.

For about a month now Gia’s been very upset (like, truly upset, not pretending) that she’ll “never got to have a birthday at school” because her birthday is in July. But, she did get to celebrate her birthday on one of the last days of school, which coincided nicely with her kid party. We did the kid party early so that more people would be around for it. July can be tough with vacations.

We had the party at a local bounce house place: Bounce Safari. Gia was so excited for the party and she had a blast, bouncing with all her little friends. The party helpers (two teenage girls) were excellent with the kids and kept everything running smoothly, so Jon and I enjoyed it as much as she did.

And now…for the massive photo dump 🙂

Here she is, all ready to go! She asked for a Cinderella theme, and we ran with it. Thank you Etsy for the shirt and bow! (And, umm, when did my baby girl grow up?? I cannot believe she’s almost 4 and such a big kid!)



gia outfit collage

At the party I could barely get her to stop for a picture (which translated into a ton of blurry pictures!).






After the bouncing it was time for pizza and ice cream cake and cupcakes.

She loved this big chair.




Even though this one is blurry, I love it because Gia is just so happy.



And then it was time for everyone to sing Happy Birthday to Gia, which she loves. This is one of my favorite pictures because of the look on her face. I have one just like it from last year, too. She truly loves when we sing to her but she gets just a teeny tiny bit shy. And the result this is adorable little smiley face.




And I had to include this last one because it’s just so Gia. Everyone else–every single other kid–was up and running around the table. Not Gia. She was waaaay to busy finishing her cupcake. She’s independent, does what she wants to do, and when it comes to food, there’s no tearing her away till she’s done. (Smart girl. Never run away from a cupcake.)


2008-12-31_20081231_DSC_0204 It’s so hard to fathom that this little girl is nearly four years old. Her birthday always brings up a host of emotions for me, and this year won’t be any different. But, I’ll save the mushy stuff (and milestone stuff) for her actual birthday.  For now, let’s just eat more cupcakes 🙂

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