Gia’s trip to the farm (this week)

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I was going to save these pictures for tomorrow’s Wordless Wednesday post, but there’s a really funny story that I just had to post with the pictures. Which kinda defeats the whole ‘Wordless Wednesday’ thing.

This morning my mom watched Gia while I was hard at work teaching the future of America to not write run-ons and fragments.

Before the rain started, they went to Secor Farm, which is a very cute little place close to our house.  (Last week they went to Abma’s in Wyckoff. Apparently they are on a mission to go to every farm in a 50 mile radius.)

Anyway, back to Secor. It has a hay maze:


 and those things you stick your head in so you can take silly pictures.

They also have a hayride, a pumpkin “patch” and a small store that sells fresh produce and other goodies.

Apparently they have a very large sheep at this farm, and Gia was having a ball feeding it. When she walked away, the sheep baaaa-ed at her really loudly and it scared the crap out of her. She ran back over to my mom for protection.

Gia couldn’t wait to tell me about the excitement with the sheep. I barely had both (soaking wet) feet through the door today (hate hate hate all this rain) and Gia goes, “Mommy! Big sheep at a farm! Baaaaaaaa!”  She said the baaaa part in a very deep and very loud voice. It was hilarious!

After the sheep, she was a little skittish around all the animals. Here’s a little snippet of a video so you can see what I mean. She’s hilarious 🙂

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