God Bless Nicholas Robert!

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On a cold, sunny day in January my little boy officially became a Catholic. He was baptized by Msgr G, who also officiated at our wedding, and baptized Gia too.  It meant so much to me to have the Msgr baptize the newest member of our family.  

  How cute is he in his little suit and hat?

Nicholas was baptized on the same day we celebrated the baptism of Jesus. The church was still decorated for the Christmas season and it was beautiful.  

Nicholas was a champ. He was a happy little camper and didn’t even flinch when he got wet.

Gia hasn’t been to church in a while (bad Catholics that we are) and she was all over the place during the ceremony: in the pew, out of the pew, standing by us, jumping off the altar…you get the idea. Luckily we were the only family in the church so it wasn’t that big of a deal.

I love these next pictures–they are the embodiment of love and family to me.  First, godmother Jenn is holding her godson, and Dawn is standing with Gia, her goddaughter. These two are such amazing women and my kids are lucky to have them in their lives.

Next, Nicholas’s godfather Tom is holding him and Jon is standing with Colin, who is Jon’s godson. These guys are all awesome role models for Nicholas.

And of course, one beautiful shot with Yadi!!
After church we headed to a local restaurant and had a yummy dinner to celebrate Nicholas. Nicholas also had a wardrobe change into a little white sweatsuit with a baby blue velvet collar and cuffs.
For some reason I was obsessed with getting a custom cake for Nicholas. It was absolutely gorgeous and insanely delicious (it was chocolate cake with cookies and cream/Oreo filling).  I accidentally smashed the cross on the top when I put the box top on too tightly. And, in typical Krista fashion, I decided it was of the utmost importance that I make the favors–chocolate crosses and cake pops. Of course the crosses turned into the biggest debacle ever, but in the end it all worked out. The cake pops, on the other hand, were so easy and so much fun. There were many inquires about where the cake pops were from, which made me feel really good about my hard work.

It was a beautiful day, surrounded by family and filled with God’s love!


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  • Reply Life with Kaishon

    Your baby is so adorable. What a little sweetheart! He looks JUST like his Daddy! : ). I love that the same Pastor that married you was able to do this ceremony. That is precious.

    Way to go with those cake pops. They are so pretty The custom cake is pretty too. I laughed about messing up the cross after wanting a custom cake so badly. That is totally something I would do too.

    2-13-14 at 2:45 am
  • Reply Krista

    Thank you for your kind words!

    Luckily I found out about messing up the cake IN the restaurant so there wasn't time for me to get all upset and beat myself up about it. Looking back, it IS classic that it would happen that way.

    2-15-14 at 3:16 am
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