Halloween 14

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Forgive me for being so late in posting these picture of my cuties in their Halloween costumes. I’m just now coming out of my sugar coma and we’re finally finished with the last of the candy. (I took my own advice about what to do with leftover Halloween candy and stashed some of it away for decorating gingerbread houses next month!)

Halloween was so much fun. Gia went to school dressed up and I was able to go to work a little late so I could make it to her Halloween parade at school. My husband was off so he came with Nicholas, and so did my mom and my in-laws. Gia was so happy to have us there–she was skipping around and shouting “Happy Halloween” every two seconds. It was adorable.

Halloween 14 | THe Quinntessential Mommy

After school we relaxed for a bit and then headed over to our good friends’ house for pizza and trick or treating. We’ve gone out with them 3 years in a row and, as always, we had a blast. It was freezing out but the kids had so much fun and got so. much. candy.

Halloween 14 |The Quinntessential Mommy

Halloween 14 |The Quinntessential Mommy

And this little guy was such a trooper. He’d had his 12 month shots the day before and he was sort of mushy all day. He was warm in snuggly in his mouse costume and he was happy to take in all in from his stroller.

Halloween 14-6

I’ll leave you with a funny story about how we settled on our costumes this year. Through the years Gia’s costumes have been a pumpkin/tootsie roll (at 3 months), a ladybug (15 months), an owl (2 years old), and a bumble bee (3 years old).  So she had it in her head that she had to be a bug of some sort and she was having trouble coming up with a bug that she liked and wanted to be. I tried to explain that she could be anything she wanted — anything! — but she wasn’t sold. So I may or may not have gently steered her in the direction of a black cat so her brother could be a mouse and they could both be warm and comfy. It worked and everyone was happy.

Happy Halloween from my little cat and mouse!

 Halloween 14 |The Quinntessential Mommy

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