Happy Half Birthday, Gia!

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January 27, 2013 I can’t believe my little girl is half way to 3! 

 Gia, you are an absolute delight. You are the happiest kid around and you just love life. Your dad and I marvel at how much fun you are and how much fun we have together.  You are also hilarious.  You say the funniest things. I started keeping a log of them so we never forget how clever you are. We call them “Gia’s Greatest Hits”.   You are so smart. You observe the world around you and then report to us about what you see. You love to comment on the weather. “It’s a boo-tee-ful day!” Or, “It’s windy, Mommy!” You understand everything and you remember everything. Mommy likes to quiz you when you watch tv to see what you understand, and you really get it. You’ve been asking for ice cream and we told you we’d go on Saturday. On Saturday morning you woke up and said, “It’s Saturday. On Saturday we get ice cream!” You know all the colors (including odd ones like gray and peach–thanks to Daddy), can count to 25, can recognize numbers 1-10, know most of the ABCs and can recognize a few letters, and you know how to show numbers using your fingers. If we say, show us 3, you hold up 3 fingers. You certainly have a mind of your own and when you want to do something without help you say “Me do!”  And then, “Mommy, stop!” Or, “Mommy, leave!”   You love all animals and we frequently visit Petco just to check them out. You love the mice, frogs, birds, hamsters and fish. When you’re with Yadi & Joepa they take you to see the “baby horsey”. You love when he comes to the fence to see you. Anytime we go visit a family member with a pet, you include the pet in our visit. “We’re going to see Nanny, Papa AND Boomer” you say.  You love Abby, our cat. Sometimes you smack her or step on her tail, just because finally there’s someone smaller than you. After you hit her, you take yourself right to the naughty step because you know you’re not supposed to hit her. You’re a very active kid and love to jump at Bounce! the trampoline place. You love to play in the snow and will stay out there for hours, making snowmen with daddy. You also love to jump in puddles. It’s only January and you’re already on your second pair of boots. You ruined the first pair by playing in dirty puddles. You love to sing. Your favorite songs right now are “5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and the “Monkey & Alligator” song. You know all the words and the hand motions too. You also love to sing the Doc McStuffins song, Twinkle Twinkle, Old MacDonlad, Diamonds (by Rihanna), and Row Row Row Your Boat. You made up your own song (we think) and you sing that all the time too.You love puzzles, books (which you memorize and then “read” to yourself) and you love the story mommy made up, about Muffin the cat and the little girl Molly. You love to play with your Innotab, and you love to watch videos of yourself on my iPhone. You’ve been stuck on Cinder-lella for a few weeks now. We watch it all.the.time.   You’re an excellent eater. You love every fruit and vegetable. Strawberries and bananas are high on your list of favorites. You try new things more often now.  Gia, you are such a little wonder. I could go on forever. We love you more than anything. You are perfect!  1 year ago:

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