Happy Halloween 2012

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Halloween was crazy again this year! Last year we battled snow and this year we were worried Halloween would be cancelled altogether.

In the morning we visited Mummum (my grandmother) in West Milford. We drove over every hill and dale (and under every downed tree and wire) in the town to get to her. A 20 minute ride turned into an hour-long adventure. We almost turned around several times, but Gia freaked when I even suggested that we might not be able to see Mummum and her dog Corkie. So, we forged ahead and made it there in one piece.

Later in the afternoon we went trick or treating in our neighborhood with Gia’s favorite friends, Adrianna & Christopher (aka Aurora and Cookie Monster).

Getting a good group shot of 2 year olds is like trying to herd cats.
My Little Owl
SO happy to be trick or treating!

My favorite moment of the day was a two-fold. When Gia and Jon went to the first house (our neighbor Marianne), Gia rang the bell and Marianne answered the door. Gia walked right into the house! She didn’t quite have the hang of trick or treating yet…

Jon reminded her to say “trick or treat” and then she took her candy — a full size bag of M&Ms.  She was SO excited. She turned around, held up the bag for me to see and yelled “LOOK Mommy! Candy!” Then she ran as fast as she could to me–I was at the end of the driveway just waiting to check out her loot. She couldn’t wait to show me the candy. That moment melted my heart. I loved seeing the innocence and awe and wonder –and just pure joy — in her eyes and in her heart.  There is nothing greater than experiencing all these things with Gia. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that moment, the one with the M&Ms.

I hope everyone had as happy of a Halloween as we did!

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