Happy Halloween!

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As a kid, Halloween was never my favorite holiday. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t something I looked forward to for weeks, like I did with Christmas.  Gia, on the other hand, loves Halloween. She loves getting dressed up and she loves candy. I don’t think she can believe her luck–there’s one day a year when you get free candy just for wearing a costume!  I started asking her what she wanted to be for Halloween in September. I knew I had to get her costume early because Nicholas’s arrival would make it impossible to get any Halloween prep done at the last minute. She decided she wanted to be a Bumble Bee. I have no idea why or where it came from, but she was consistent with her request. We were at Homegoods one day and I just happened upon an adorable bee costume in her size, so we scooped it up.  Yesterday was the big day and Gia was ready! She had a little party at school and she came home with a backpack that was literally filled with treat bags from the kids in her class. I let her open each one and put the candy and little toys in her pumpkin bucket. You would have thought she won the lottery. (I guess when you’re 3, free candy is better than the lottery!) Every single thing she opened was amazing. “Mommy! My very own lollipop! Mommy! Chocolate! Mommy! A tootsie roll!”  This went on for nearly 30 minutes. In the afternoon we visited my mom at work and Gia got more candy.  

At this point her pumpkin was nearly full so we came home and emptied it. Then we had a quick pizza dinner with friends and trick or treated in our neighborhood.  Nicholas and I only made it one block before I pooped out. Lots of walking is still tough for me after the c-section. But, in that one block, I witnessed the cutest sights. Gia and her best friend Adrianna could not contain their excitement. The ran from house to house all by themselves. They rang the doorbells (each of them rang a few times–my poor neighbors!) and then SHOUTED “trick or treat” when the doors were opened. Once they got the candy they took off back to us, screaming “thaaaaaank you” to no one in particular and yelling about the awesome candy they got. I heard nearly every person who opened the door say how cute they were.

It was the BEST day. Nothing makes me happier than seeing pure joy on my kid’s face. And next year, it will be double the fun when my little guy gets to dress and maybe toddle up to a few doors himself!

And, in honor of the fact that Halloween was on a Thursday…here’s a little Throwback!

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