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Mornings around here are busy. Since starting kindergarten Gia has been sleeping later and, while I love the extra ZZZs I’m getting too, it means that we all rush around a little more than I’d like.  Part of the morning routine includes me brewing my cup of coffee only to leave it sitting in my favorite mug, getting cold, as I run around packing book bags and serving up bowls of cereal and plates of fruit.

A few days ago I came across HealthyHuman–gorgeous and safe stainless steel bottles, cups and pint glasses.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you already know that I avoid chemicals in my life whenever and wherever possible. I buy organic when I can, I love to cook from scratch and I’m currently in the process of changing all my make up to organic. So it seemed very natural that drinkware would be the next area of my life to tackle and rid of chemicals.


Let me just tell you that this HealthyHuman tumbler (pictured above and below) has changed my mornings! Not only do I love the happy orange color, but it keeps my coffee warm forever. At 20 oz it’s the perfect size and I love that it’s made from 100% pure 18/8 Stainless Steel. Inside the double wall insulation helps keep your favorite beverage hot twice as long as traditional mugs and there is no sweating with cold beverages either!


I absolutely adore the insulated water bottle too, but I haven’t seen much of it since it arrived. The other day I was looking for it everywhere and this is where I found it.



My husband couldn’t keep his hands off it and really embraced HealthyHuman’s #takeitwithu! I found him on his way out for a walk with Nicholas, and he’d clipped insulated water bottle to the stroller, and off they went! He loves that it’s huge and that it stays cold! At 32 oz he fills it up and has enough refreshingly cold water to last him a long long time. (And, there’s a bigger one–a 64 oz one if you really want a workhorse!!)  FYI–it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and the plastic in the cap is BPA free.

Later that night we used the stainless steel pints with dinner and the kids loved them as much as I did. Gia had a great time choosing which design was right for each member of our family. I love them because they’re lightweight enough for everyday use, but they’re sturdy enough that the kids don’t knock them down every time they brush up against one.


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Insulated Water Bottle (32 oz Stein)| Insulated Tumbler | Pints

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