Hello, L&D! {37 week Pregnancy Update}

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Weight Gain: 26 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Barely fit. Pants are ok but most of my shirts are not long enough! There’s always about an inch of my belly sticking out. Luckily I’m short and no one can tell, except me. And that’s only because I usually feel a cool breeze.
Sleep: Sporadic. One night I barely sleep and then the next night I make up for it and get into that awesome deep sleep.

Gender: Boy!

Feelings/Mood: A little bit blah. I’ve hit that point where I’m just sort of done being pregnant. I’m huge and everything is a challenge these days. I’m completely ready to meet this little guy and have an outside baby.
Symptoms/Health: I had a few issues this week. Wednesday I went for my 37-week check up and my blood pressure was very high (138/90) and there was a protein in my urine. I immediately knew what was on my doctor’s mind: preeclampsia.  Before I left they checked my BP again and it was exactly the same. My doctor was concerned, so she scheduled me for a 24-hour urine collection to keep an eye on the protein. I also was told to come back Thursday for another BP check.
Thursday afternoon I went back for a BP check. It  was still pretty high and I had a splitting headache, so they sent me to Labor & Delivery.  Luckily Jon was off, so I went home to get him and did some quick packing in case I had to stay.  My awesome sister-in-law offered to take Gia for a few hours (until my mom and stepdad could get there an take her home for the night if need be), and Jon and I headed to the hospital.

While at the hospital I was hooked up to 2 fetal monitors and a blood pressure cuff. Luckily while I was there my BP slowly dropped to normal range and the headache subsided. Baby boy was doing wonderfully the entire time, so that was a huge relief as well. My bloodwork all came back normal (liver enzymes and platelets are ok) so it looks like we’re dealing with gestational hypertension rather than preeclampsia, which is much less scary and much more easily managed–especially given the fact that baby boy will be here in about 12 days anyway. The doctor sent me home around 7pm and told me to stay off my feet as much as possible so that we can keep baby boy inside a little longer.

Food Cravings/Aversions: There’s not much room in there for food anymore. I’m still eating a lot of little meals/snacks. And I still want salads a lot!
What I Miss: Pretty much everything about not being pregnant. The only thing I’ll actually miss about being pregnant is feeling him move.
Movement: Still tons. He moves so much it hurts sometimes. His knobby little knees poke me and stick out of my belly.

Belly: Low, low, low and totally out front! Oh, and huge.

Best Moment this week (pregnancy-related): Gia asking to feel the baby kick. It only took 37 weeks!

What I look forward to: D-day! It’s FAST approaching!!

    Please excuse the horrible iPhone picture on the left and the horrible hair I’m sporting in the one on the right!  

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