Hershey 2014

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Last year we had so much fun at Hershey Park, we couldn’t wait to go back again this year.  Gia was thrilled to hear we were going back to Hershey and we talked about it for days before.  We even looked at all the pictures of last year’s visit (and she surprisingly remembered a lot of details). She came downstairs the morning we were leaving, with her crazy bedhead, her favorite stuffed animals and in the cutest, sleepiest little voice said, “We’re going to Hershey today!”


Tradition says we ride the carousel first.





Then we moved on to the helicopter ride…



…and the miscellaneous vehicles ride. Gia and these 2 little girls (who are sisters) were the ONLY ones on the ride. And they all chose the purple car.



And then there was the mini Pirate Ship. Last year Gia was pretty afraid of this ride. She went on it alone and put on a brave face. And when it was over she was so happy and proud of herself. This year she was fearless and loved every second. In this picture her mouth is open because she (and the other kids on the ride) were screaming in happiness.



And then there was the swing ride.  She did this one about 7 times.



Then we took a family train ride and Nicholas LOVED it. He was looking all over the place and smiling so big. Poor guy only got to go on one ride, but at least he liked his ride!

While on the train, we spotted the mini carousel and Gia literally wanted to get off the train immediately and walk to that ride.



So we found it and she rode it about a dozen times. She’d get off and we’d get ready to move on to the next thing and in her cute little voice she’d ask “Can I go one more time Mommy?”  Just like last year the park was not crowded and was mostly high school kids, so there were NO lines on the kiddie rides. So we let her ride a few more times before moving on. And then we circled back before we left and she rode it a bunch more.



One of the things Gia was looking forward to most was the mini log flume ride. Much to her chagrin it was gone (!) and replaced with a brand new mini roller coaster. She gladly tried it with her daddy and LOVED it. This thing was no joke. It went up, up, up, and then plunged down while twisting and turning and going really fast. She was screaming “weeeeeeeee” the entire time and she told Jon, “when I yell weeeeee it means I’m really happy”.



As the afternoon went on, it got hotter and hotter. We gave Gia 2 options: go on the water rides or go to ZooAmerica (which is attached to Hershey Park). She chose the Zoo, so we walked around there for a bit. It was very cute and she loved the snapping turtle, alligator and all the nocturnal animals. (You can enter ZooAmerica through Hershey Park and it’s free. Or you can enter from the street and pay to only do ZooAmerica, which I don’t recommend. Gia loved it, but there isn’t enough to warrant paying just to get in there.)

After the zoo we went back to the mini roller coaster and the mini carousel and then it was time to leave. Not surprisingly Gia didn’t want to leave so we promised her she could go for a swim in the hotel pool. But, by the time we ate dinner and got back to the hotel she was to pooped to pop. We asked her about the pool and she told us we can’t go swimming at night. For the record it was 6 pm, still very light and warm out and the pool is indoors anyway. Girlfriend was just too tired and didn’t want to say no to that suggestion.  Instead she took a bath and was passed out in her big comfy hotel bed by 7:30.

More on Day 2 to come!

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    The joy on the kids faces while on the rides, was priceless… But Jon’s face on the roller coaster ride, cracked me up! The Quinn family, had to have been the cutest family in the park that day!

    6-06-14 at 8:47 am
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