Hershey: Part 1

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Mmmmm chocolate. Even though I don’t generally crave sweets when I’m pregnant, I always have room for chocolate. So the earlier this week we went to Hershey, PA to get some chocolate. Kidding–we really went as a fun little family trip.  We wanted to do something special with Gia before this next kiddo is born, and since the belly is only getting bigger and the weather is only going to get hotter, we decided now was the perfect time.  We left on Tuesday around 1 pm and arrived in Hershey a little before 4 pm. We went straight to Chocolate World and started with a chocolate tasting. It was excellent. Jon and I tried 5 different kinds of chocolate. Gia was free, but they gave her a small Hershey bar which she devoured. And then she leaned over and took one of mine. Girlfriend loves chocolate. 

Coloring while we learned about chocolate and did some tasting.

our tasting “menu”

   Next we went on the free little ride that’s like a tour of the factory. Gia had so much fun on the ride we went around twice. There was no line so we just didn’t get off. 

Gia LOVED the singing cows behind her in this picture.


After our second ride it was approaching dinner time, so we headed out. I’ve never been to Cracker Barrel and have always wanted to try it, so we found one about 20 minutes away. Oh my yummy goodness. I loved everything from the Country Store when you first walk in, to the menu full of delicious country food options. I had a buttermilk-dipped oven-fried chicken breast with a baked sweet potato, candied carrots, one biscuit and one corn muffin. Jon had the chicken and dumplings with fried okra, green beans and cheesy hash browns, and Gia had a cheeseburger and fried apples.  We shared bites of all food and it was heavenly. Just writing about it makes me want to go back. We were hoping to have berry cobbler for dessert but we were too full.  Oh well! Just means we’ll have to go back. Very soon. (We also had about 6 Hershey bars waiting for us in the car.) 

  The last stop was our hotel. We got a great rate at the Hilton Garden in Hummelstown. We were very impressed with it–small but very pretty and clean. We checked in, let Gia jump on the beds for a bit and then we all went to bed.  Next up is Hershey Part 2: all about our day at Hershey Park. 
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