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The beginning of this pregnancy was no fun. I was sick, tired and chasing around my very active 2.5 year old. At one point, I was complaining so much that even Gia started to randomly say, “I don’t feel good.”  When I’d ask her what didn’t feel good, she didn’t have an answer for me. It took me a few days to put two and two together and realize that I was, in fact, the reason my kid was going around saying she didn’t feel good. (There were a few times in there when she’d say and actually mean it. Like the day she had a fever.)

Gia with a fever.

Suffice to say that was enough to shut me up and cut way back on the complaining. That and the fact that I know I don’t have it that badly. In the grand scheme of pregnancy issues, a little morning sickness and nausea is not a big deal. At all.  In the middle of all my moaning, I kind of forgot about all the good pregnancy stuff. I didn’t totally forgot (check out THIS POST), but it was definitely on the back burner. Well, so far the second trimester has been really, really good to me. There’s so much less nausea and so much more energy. So many more foods sound good to me, so eating healthy has been much easier the past few weeks.  

And then, last night, it happened. I felt the baby move! It was an awesome moment–one I had forgotten all about. I remember the kicks and jabs and dance parties Gia used to have in my stomach (she was active even in the belly), but I forgot about that special moment that is the very first time you feel movement from the little person growing in there. To me it feels like popcorn popping on the inside. Or like a butterfly flapping its tiny wings. I felt it three times last night (after drinking a cold glass of water) and then one time this morning after some juice. This is like the icing on the cake that is the 2nd tri. I’m already feeling good and now I get to experience this.  And I know there are so many more amazing moments to come, like when Jon and Gia can feel the kicks from outside my belly, and when we find out if this baby is a boy or a girl. Ahh the miracle of life is alive and well in this house!

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