Labor Day

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Although the forecast wasn’t great, we decided to head down the shore anyway on Labor Day to see my mom and stepdad, who were spending the weekend down there.  I’m so glad we did. The weather was great & Gia absolutely loves the beach.  Side note about Gia’s pony tail: While we were in Wildwood, I insisted on putting Gia’s hair in some kind of pony tail for the beach. (She really prefers cute little bows but I vetoed that idea because they do nothing to keep her hair out of her face and then she spends the day pushing her curls out of her way and getting sand all over face in the process.) Most days, the best I could convince her to do was a half pony tail. By the end of the week I convinced her to do 2 half pony tails–mini pigtails. She would not let me do a “big pony,” which is what she calls a full pony tail. But, for my mom? She’ll do anything. I didn’t do a thing to her hair before we got to the beach. So when we arrived I handed my mom a pony tail holder and told Gia that Yadi needed to do her hair. No discussion, no issues…BAM! Adorable adorable “big pony”.  I’m in love with these pictures of Gia rocking the “big pony,” even though it makes her look so grown up!

  She loves to collect shells and rocks and throw them back into the water. 


If she wasn’t running around by the water, she was on the beach chair, snuggling with Yadi. 

 My mom always has a cute beach hat with her, and this time, Gia found it and fell in love with it. She wore that sparkly fedora for hours! Most of the time it was pulled way lower than in this picture.

I’m not going to say this is the last beach day for a while. I’m still hoping for one more beach day before it’s *officially* fall…

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