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Toddlers are an interesting species. They feel things so deeply and their emotions swing back and forth, so quickly. I get it–they’re little people with their own minds and opinions and ideas, but the big people in their lives make all their choices for them. I’d be frustrated if I had no say in my life too! Routines help and so does bribery. Kidding! Maybe.

As soon as Gia was old enough to understand the concept of choice, I started giving her choices. I only give her 2 choices and both options are things that are acceptable to me. She can choose between 2 lunches or 2 outfits or 2 shows…you get the idea. And, let me tell you, she’s great at making choices. She thinks for a few seconds and then announces her selection. When she picks, her mind is made up. Rarely (like maybe one time in her life) has she switched from one thing to the other.

Well, here’s what happens when choice backfires in your face.

Each year I get Gia a special Christmas dress from Nordstrom. This tradition started because, a month or two before her first Christmas, I found the most adorable plaid dress for her at Nordstrom and it was on sale. I snapped it up. It was perfect: pink (my favorite) and just a little different from the traditional Christmas dresses for baby girls.

Then last year I found her another adorable — and affordable, I might add — Christmas dress at

So naturally, this year, it was back to Nordsrom. (I have to keep up with traditions, people!) Except, between kitchen renovations, working and taking care of Gia, I haven’t actually had time to go to the mall. So I searched online and I found a gorgeous dress. It met all of the requirements–stylish, cute, and appropriate for a little girl. I tend to like things that are a mix between girly and funky. Nothing too traditional or too trendy. It also has to be reasonably priced (bonus if it’s under $50). I refuse to spend a ton of money on a dress that she’ll likely wear 1 time.

Not wanting to buy the first thing I saw, I kept searching. I pinned all my choices to a Pinterest board I created just for Gia’s Christmas Dress. (You can see all of the dresses I pinned here) And then I showed the board to Gia. And asked her which dress she liked the best. And, much to my dismay, she picked a different dress!

I was heartbroken but I didn’t let her know that–because I was also quite amused. I kinda screwed myself here, right? She’s so used to having choices that, at two, this girl can make a decision!  I waited 2 days and thought maybe I should ask her again. Just in case she changed her mind. Which, ya know, never happens. Guess what? She chose the same dress she originally chose. NOT the one I really really want her to wear. Girlfriend knows just what she likes.

It’s not over yet though. I ordered her the one she picked AND the one I like best. And maybe one or two other ones too…  When they all get here, Jon and I will take a look at them and then we’ll all pick together. And, yes, I’ll give Gia the final say.

So stay tuned for my Christmas card post and, of course, the Christmas post. Both will feature The Dress.

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  • Reply deedeesoapoperation

    HUGE respect to you for giving her the opportunity to go with what she wants even though it's not your first choice 🙂 Of course, such a cutie – she'll be beautiful in whatever she wears 🙂

    On a side note – I wish there was a way for me to subscribe to your blog via email! I always forget to come back to cool blogs when that option isn't available 🙁

    Looking forward to seeing those Christmas pictures!

    11-19-12 at 9:53 pm
  • Reply Krista

    Thank you for your kinds words! Gia is pretty cute, but I might be a tiny bit biased.

    I just added a subscribe by email option. Thanks for mentioning it 🙂

    11-20-12 at 8:20 pm
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