Manic Monday

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For the past month or so, whenever I don’t get something done, I think to myself, “Oh I’ll get to it when things aren’t so busy.”  And then another week goes by and I’m still just as busy. Then last week it finally it hit me: this busyness is just the new normal.

Having 2 kids is no joke. I knew that life was going to be busy and that there was always going to be something that needed doing–making lunch, washing dishes, making a list for the grocery store (because we’re always out of something. And, oh my gosh the laundry. It’s just overwhelming. If it’s clean it’s in a heap somewhere. If it’s dirty it’s probably on the floor near the overflowing hamper.  But you can’t ever really know how something is going to be until you’re there–right in the thick of it. And two kids is busy.


I wasn’t kidding about the laundry. See it back there?


It’s also much more. It’s the adorable things these two little humans do. It’s Gia’s cute little voice telling me the most hilarious things. This weekend our neighbors had a party and they had a bounce house, which we could see perfectly from our kitchen. She was just out of her mind, ready to go over hours before the party started. Gia can tell time so I finally told her that the party started at 3 and we weren’t going over till then. At 3 on the dot she was ready, and we weren’t. She said, “if you don’t mind I’ll just go over, by myself”. I really did laugh out loud at that one. And then there’s Nicholas. He babbles and giggles and gives me the best baby hugs ever. I’ve been meaning to write a post about all aspects of being a mama of two, and I will. It’s been in my drafts forever, just waiting for me to pay it some attention and give my thoughts time to gel into a coherent post. Until then, it’s these little snippets.

The next few weeks aren’t just busy–they’re downright insane. From birthday parties, to first dance recitals(!!), and a trip to Hershey Park, we’re really packing it in. And I’m so excited to share all of that here. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, head over there and follow me @krissyjq to share in our day to day happenings.



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