Milestones & A Giveaway: Nicholas’s 1st Tooth!

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Nicholas has been a teething monster for quite some time. I {incorrectly} predicted that he’d have his first tooth before the 4 month mark. Turns out that’s super early for kids to get teeth.

But, I was still on tooth patrol. Every day I’d wash my hands and feel along his bottom gum line…and…nada.  Yesterday though, I found 2 unmistakable little bumps. Nicholas’s first tooth officially popped! This adorable toothless smile is not long for this world!

Nicholas officially beat Gia with the timing of his first tooth. Gia was a few days past 5 months, but she popped 2 teeth at once! Both of her bottom teeth came in at the exact same time.

Nicholas is a happy kid in general, so pretty much the only real sign he’s teething is that he chews on everything. His pointer fingers are actually raw because any time he doesn’t have a toy in his mouth, he has his fingers in there. Occasionally I’ll give him Tylenol if I feel like he’s a little cranky, but I hate to give him any kind of medicine when I don’t have to.

I was looking for a more natural solution to help Nicholas deal with any discomfort he might be having. In the span of a few days several friends and some fellow bloggers (Hi Megan!) all mentioned amber teething necklaces. So, I decided to buy one and try it out. I also entered a contest that exact same day and ended up winning one too! So, since Nicholas doesn’t need two amber teething necklaces, I’m giving one away here!

The lucky winner will receive one (brand new) Lemon Olive Amber Teething Necklace like this one, from Amber for Babies.  Nicholas absolutely loves his necklace. He doesn’t even know he has it on and it definitely seems to help him. I take it off every night before he goes to be and promptly put it back on as soon as he wakes up in the morning.


Please share this giveaway with your friends! Good luck!!

The fine print:

    • Contest is open to US & Canada residents only. Must be over 18 to enter. No purchase necessary.
    • Please consult your doctor before using any teething remedies.
    • I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.


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