Milestones: Walking!

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Nicholas took his first official steps right around his birthday. Both Jon and I are pretty sure we saw him take a step here or there in the few days leading up to his birthday, but he wouldn’t go very far without resorting to crawling so we didn’t really count it as his official first steps.But a few weeks makes a big difference when you’re 1 and, on November 11th, he took 4 steps in a row! Jon and I were in the playroom with him and he stood up and walked from Jon to a toy he wanted. We were shocked and so thrilled that we both got to witness it. (Gia walked on July 11, 2011 — 2 weeks before her first birthday–and the situation was very similar. Jon and I were in our living room playing with her and she just got up and took 4 steps toward a toy she wanted.)

The Quinntessential Mommy

Every day since then he’s been walking more and more. He actually keeps his shoes on now (he used to just rip them off and throw them) and he now prefers walking to crawling. His uncle says he looks a little like Frankenstein because he walks with his arms out front for balance. It’s adorable.

Today he and Gia were chasing the cat and he actually ran a little, which is a scary thought. Now that he’s more mobile he’s into everything. And running? I’m not ready for running. As it is he is into EVERYTHING. My mom good-naturedly nicknamed him “troublemaker” and boy is he ever. He touches everything, pulls things off shelves, rips magazines up, puts everything in his mouth, bangs on the tv cabinet, smacks the cat, and yells for no reason. For as cautious as he can be, he’s like a little tornado and it’s pretty funny most of the time.

Here he is “helping” me as I was setting up for a Daily Mom photoshoot.


In other “milestones” news, Nicholas has 16 teeth! All 4 molars broke through and the canine teeth did too. He has quite the mouthful of chompers for a 13 month old. Sleep has been much better now that all the teeth are in. He’s still not talking a lot–still just a lot of yelling and pointing. He understands nearly everything we say to him–he just won’t respond back. He does love to say Dada though. He is still a great eater and will go over to the snack cabinet and help himself when he’s hungry. He’s such a little character and I can’t wait to see what else the next few months will bring!



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