Mini Meltdown

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My husband is an excessive cleaner-outer. He loves to get rid of things. Purging, he calls it. He is constantly holding up random pieces of paper or small parts to one of Gia’s toys or the last bite of a sandwhich on my plate, asking me, “Do you need this? Are you done with this?” He’s even neat with his electronics. He likes to delete his call log and his text messages at the end of every week too, so that his phone is nice and neat. (If you’re about to tell me that I should be suspicious of this behavior, you clearly haven’t met my husband.) He also loves to clean out saved shows on the DVR.  I’m the opposite. I’m a saver. I’m a “what if I need it one day?” kind of girl. Gia has only been in preschool for 3 months and I’ve saved every single piece of artwork she’s done during this time. I know one day I’ll have to get rid of some it and just hang on to the really special pieces. But, for now, I’m content with keeping them all.  Well tonight I was taking a page from my husband’s book and I decided to clean out the DVR and get rid of all the shows on there that I’ve watched or that I never intend to watch. I thought I was deleting an old episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show and instead I deleted an old episode of Rachael Ray. No big deal, right?  Wrong. This was “our” episode of Rachael Ray. The one that Gia and I were on, back in 2010 when she was just 6 months old. The episode that survived on our DVR for nearly 3 years and through a move. The episode that Gia hasn’t even seen yet and, at two and a half years old, she’d get such a kick out of seeing her baby self on t.d. (aka t.v.). When I realized what I’d done, I nearly freaked out. My stomach dropped and I almost started to cry. I sent a frantic text to my husband and he called me right away, telling me not to worry. A few phone calls later and I discovered that my mom still has it on her DVR. Next time I’m there I’m going to play it and use my video camera to tape it off the tv. That way I can upload it to YouTube and save it to my external hard drive, burn it to a DVD, and make it more permanent in every other way possible. But until then…I found it on YouTube! Ahhhh, sweet relief! Here you go!


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    That's so cool that you were on that show together! You gotta record that digitally so you can save it on your computer somehow – can't lose it!

    4-11-13 at 2:51 am
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