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So, I have all these awesome recipe and tips ‘n tricks posts planned, but they’ll have to just wait another day or two to be posted. Why, you ask? Because this little tidbit just couldn’t wait. Gia has been really struggling with sleep lately. I think she’s overwhelmed with all the holiday stuff (lights! presents! Santa! chocolate! cookies!).  Developmentally, she’s learning something new (potty training) and that has always messed up her sleep. Until she masters the new skill, she won’t sleep so well, even though she really needs it.  So, to say nap time and bed time have been a bit of a struggle these past few weeks would be an understatement.Gia associates brushing her teeth with going to sleep because that’s part of our bedtime routine. The other day she was doing everything she could to not take a nap and she asked to brush her teeth. I said ok and I set her up with her toothbrush and little kid toothpaste (aka candy in a tube). While she was brushing I went into her room, which is across the hall, to set up her humidifier. Not two seconds later I was back in the bathroom. And I there was Gia, with her toothbrush in the toilet bowl. I was horrified.  I gasped so loudly I think my neighbors heard me. Gia looked at me and started to cry. I told her it was ok, and then I grabbed the toothbrush and promptly threw it away. I explained to Gia that it was NOT ok to put your toothbrush in the toilet because it’s SO dirty. I may also have said the word ‘gross’ a million times because now Gia says everything is ‘gross’. She definitely understood the problem, as evidenced by her solemnly repeating “No toothbrush in the toilet. It’s dirty!” and then willingly drinking the cup of water I handed to her.  Mother of the Year right here, I tell ya. After the incident I consulted Dr. Google, where I learned that it wasn’t really a big deal and that many kids have done this. If the bowl was flushed recently (which it had been) and if there wasn’t any toilet bowl cleaner in there (there wasn’t) she’d likely be fine.Well, she was fine…till last night. That’s when the diarrhea started. Fun times with a potty training 2 year old. We haven’t left the house because I’m afraid she won’t be able to hold it. Poor kid.As soon as the pediatrician opened this morning, I called and told the nurse of our woes. And guess what the nurse did? She laughed! And then she apologized for laughing. I told her it was ok, and that I was laughing too. Because I am. Now I am, anyway.So, once again, stay tuned for the end of this story. I wonder if the doc will recommend an antibiotic or just the BRAT diet. Wait with me, and see…

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