My Little Fisher Girl

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Last week, kind of out of the blue, Gia asked to go fishing. One day, while driving around doing some errands, she told me she wanted to go fishing and said “maybe I can go tomorrow.”  It only took me a second to realize she’d watched a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode that morning where Mickey was fishing for “gooey fish,” which is what sparked her interest in fishing. I told her sure, she could go tomorrow. I was ok with this “promise” because Jon loves to fish. I had a feeing he’d be more than happy to take her. And I was right–he was thrilled with Gia’s request. (I think he always though he’d need to have a son to do some of his favorite things with, like fishing and playing in the ocean. I know it makes him so happy when his daughter shows genuine interest in the things he loves.) So, one day last week, during our hot spell, aka Aug-tober, Jon took Gia to a nearby pond and they fished.  She loved every part of it–even the mealworms they used as bait.  

  She wore Jon’s polarized sunglasses so that she could better see the fish swimming around in the pond.

Luckily it didn’t take them long to catch one! She was SO proud! 

 She had to get right in there and check him out.
 She touched him and then they threw him back in & tried again.
A few minutes later they caught another one and Gia reeled him in.

Since that day they’ve gone fishing 2 more times. Jon even got Gia her own kid-sized Dora the Explorer fishing pole, which she loves. Unfortunately she hasn’t caught a fish with the new rod yet. But that’s probably because she really enjoys the casting and reeling in so much. You can’t catch a fish if the hook & bait aren’t in the water!


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