My little pinata star

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Gia’s little bestie Adrianna turns 4 in April and every April it makes me realize that my little girl is next. As soon as Adrianna’s mom — aka my verygoodfriend Steph — starts planning Adrianna’s party, my mind goes into overdrive and I also start to plan Gia’s party, even though it’s over 3 moths away. But that’s another story. 🙂

This weekend was Adrianna’s Frozen-themed birthday party. The weather was gorgeous and it was such a pleasure to be outside all day. Gia spent pretty much the entire afternoon in the bouncy house being crazy with her friends. They all came out briefly for the Pin the Nose on Olaf, to sing Happy Birthday and to do the pinata.

Well, as it turns out, I have a little pinata star on my hands. This was only the second time Gia’s ever seen a pinata, but she loves them. The fact that candy comes flying out of a pretty looking thing for no apparent reason is just heaven for Gia.

All the kids made a semi-circle around the pinata and took their turn pulling the string. Gia happened to be right next to the pinata. So, when the pinata opened she was right there. And, what did my girl do? Rather than crawling around on the ground to get the candy, she opened up her bag and stuck it right under the hole where the candy was falling from and she let all the candy fall right into her bag.

If you look closely below you can see a tootsie roll and then a tootsie pop falling right in Gia’s bag.


It seemed like everyone at the party noticed what Gia was doing at the same time and a huge laugh erupted amongst the adults at the same time. It was pretty hilarious. I have no idea how she thought of this, but it was pretty smart and more than a little clever! Gia stayed there till all the candy was out of the pinata–at that point her bag was about 3/4 full. Then she joined the other kids picking up what fell to the ground. She was so proud of her bag full of candy that she carried it with her for the next two days, including bringing it to my mom’s house the next day to show her!

Gia, Gianna, Dominic & Adrianna

It’s safe to say Gia had a blast at the party. And the fact taht I got to spend so much time with some of my favorite people made it an awesome day for all of us!

Pretty mommies!! Alli, Me, Steph & Vanessa


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